Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
Luna Bright, Full Moon Light!

Lullaby by Nox Arcana - Absolutely Lovely

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Magic!

Christmas Magic! Bright Blessings to All! Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice Storm

I was really bummed we couldn't make it up to Red Rocks. Disappointed like a child with a popped balloon. And then Scott Cunningham's words came to me:
"I sorrow not, though the world is wrapped in sleep. I sorrow not, though the icy winds blast. I sorrow not, though the snow falls hard and deep. I sorrow not, this too shall soon be past".
And then my family and I gathered in the living room and welcomed Yule and Winter.  Blessed Be and Bright Blessings to us All.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Solstice Eve Day!

It's Solstice Eve Day!  I got up early today, even though I had the day off.  I've become accustomed to viewing the Moon and the Stars in the early morning hours.  I was greeted by the dark morning sky, the Moon in her final Crescent surrounded by brightly lit stars.  The Sun was turning the eastern sky light blue.  This is the final day of Fall, although here in Colorado, we've been in Winter for awhile.

Today I'll finish getting presents together, to be given as Christmas presents.  Yes, I still love Christmas and Christmas day.  Its the Spirit of the season that fills me, not the religion and I love spending the Holiday with my family and friends.

Tomorrow I'll be with my family and community, drumming up the Sun.  I believe we Pagans start it off, ecstatically celebrating in the cold clear morning of the Winter Solstice.  It may even snow!

Tonight I will burn an authentic Yule log in my fire pit.  Two seasons have passed since our neighbor's Grand Oak Tree gifted us with oak logs.  They are dry and ready to burn!  I've got some lovely Yule incense to throw in the fire as well.  Its a special night and I'm happy to be in tune with it, Nature, the Goddess and the glory of the seasons.

May the Solstice and this season bring us all Bright Blessings!

Blessed Be,
Priestess Najah

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Art of Being Pagan/Winter Solstice

Deep thoughts. 

I am blessed to live in Colorado, in Denver specifically where the Pagan community is rich and alive.  Each year on the Winter Solstice we gather at Red Rocks Amphitheatre and drum up the Sun. It is a sacred time, a pilgrimage to give thanks to the returning light and the start of winter.

I rise early, the morning still dark and very quiet, the sky blanketed with stars and this year, the Moon.  I get excited knowing I'll see my brothers and sisters, families and friends.  I love the drive in the quiet of the morning, the headlights and taillights all quietly making their way to Red Rocks.

I feel connected as we walk to the top of Red Rocks and the sound of drums touches my Spirit.  It is very hard to put the experience into words.  I always bring my rattles and my little cauldron to burn incense.  We settle in and I began to shake and rattle, as my Spirit flies out to greet the dawn and a peace and serenity settles over me that only this moment can bring.

Sometimes its tough being Pagan in a modern, Christian - God -centered society.  Nobody wishes us a Happy or Blessed Yule, except within own our communities.  When we burn a Yule log during the longest night, its because we are honoring the sacredness of the change of seasons.  We recognize the beauty and sacredness of Nature, which turns our world.  And me personally, I honor the Divine Feminine, which I call Goddess.

During the Holidays, I love seeing the houses lit up and decorated.  In my heart I give thanks because whether one is Christian or Pagan, we all are giving thanks for the Light.  I believe we instinctively know our ancestors sat in darkness and waited for the light to return, thus giving way to metaphors and modern celebrations.

Its been a dark period for me.  I'm looking forward to rising early, joining with my family and friends and drumming up the Sun, then gathering for some well earned hot breakfast.

May we all be blessed this Holiday Season.

Blessed Be,
Priestess Najah

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Solstice, Blessed Yule!

The Solstice is coming! If you're in Denver don't miss "Drumming Up The Sun" at Red Rocks on 12/22/11. Blessed Yule, Happy Holidays!

Updating My Website

I'm re-tooling my website www.craftandconjure.com and my Priestess Najah Facebook page. I'm looking forward to building new bridges, new connections and maintaining old bridges and relationships. I'm excited about new opportunities and better ways to be of service. Several pages are now under construction and are being updated for the New Year.

Blessed Be!
Priestess Najah

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Love, Joy and Gratitude!

Happy Thanksgiving, love, joy, and gratitude!  A Thanksgiving post for you at https://www.facebook.com/PriestessNajah

Bright Blessings!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today's Meditation Message

Today's meditation message - "Take responsiblity for your own happiness". 

Blessed Be.  :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Message From This Morning's Meditation

Message from this morning's meditation - Be without shame, be without guilt, be without regret.  I feel so much better now.  A clean wind is blowing! 

Blessed Be!

Sand Creek Massacre - 13th Annual Spiritual Healing Run

On November 29, 1864, volunteers from the 1st and 3rd Colorado Regiments attacked an encampment of Cheyenne and Arapaho along Sand Creek. Over 150 Indians were killed in the attack, most of whom were women, children, or elderly. - Sand Creek Massacre Historic Site http://www.nps.gov/sand/historyculture/stories.htm

The 13th Annual Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual Healing Run begins Thursday
November 24, 2011, at the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. The run is
an annual event coordinated by the Northern Cheyenne Tribe of Montana with
support from the Northern Arapaho Tribe of Wyoming, the Southern Cheyenne and
Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma, the National Park Service, Town of Eads, Kiowa
County, the Denver organizing committee, and History Colorado to honor those
killed at the massacre. This year's event marks the 147th Anniversary of the
Sand Creek Massacre.

Activities associated with the run will commence with a Prayer Ceremony at the
Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. The event will conclude in the
afternoon of Saturday, November 26, on the steps of the west lawn of the
Colorado State Capitol, followed by a reception for participants at the Denver
Indian Center.

Schedule of events: (all times are approximate)
Thursday, Nov. 24
9 AM - Pipe Ceremony and prayer at the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic
Site 55411 County Road W - Approximately 8 miles north of the intersection of
Kiowa County Road 54 and State Highway 96, near the town of Chivington CO.
Runners will be blessed and the annual Spiritual Healing Run to Denver will
commence, followed by a meal in Eads, CO.
Friday, Nov. 25
7 AM - Sunrise Ceremony – To Be Determined, The `Healing Run' will continue on
to Denver.
7 PM - Candlelight Vigil at the Denver Art Museum Wheel sculpture,100 West 14th
Avenue Parkway, Denver, CO.
Saturday, Nov. 26

8 AM - Honoring Ceremony at Riverside Cemetery, 5201 Brighton Boulevard, Denver,
for Captain Silas Soule, and Lt. Joseph A. Cramer, U.S. Army. Both men
instructed their troops not to fire at the massacre.
9 AM - Continue `Healing Run' from Riverside Cemetery to 15th and Arapahoe,
Denver, CO.
9:50 AM – At 15th and Arapahoe — near the site where Captain Silas Soule was
assassinated — the runners will join with walkers and continue on to the
Colorado State Capitol Building.
11 AM - Presentation on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol Building (West
Lawn side) 4 miles distance – MUST REGISTER TO RUN
Noon reception - Location To Be Determined
For additional information about the Annual Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual
Healing Run/Walk, please call run organizer Otto Braided Hair (406) 749 4325.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Unique Holiday Gifts

Looking for a unique Holiday gift? Let me dress and fix a 7 day candle for you or your loved ones. Candles are customized to the astrological sign, cycle of the Moon and condition - such as prosperity, healing, blessing, protection, cleansing or safe travel. Only $15.00 at

Friday, November 11, 2011

Blessed Marie LaVeau

Today I finally take down my Halloween Samhain decorations. As this was a time of fun and frivolity, and also a sacred time of honoring our Ancestors, I share this photo of my offering to Blessed Marie LaVeau, left at her tomb on 10/31/11 in New Orleans, LA. I have been very blessed by her Spirit, and I give thanks.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm A BootCamp Momma

My twenty-year old son went off to Bootcamp this week.  He's in the Army National Guard stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia.

My heart is broken, my world turned upside down, my center off-balance.  Even though we prepared for this day, since he was a toddler, nothing can quite prepare you to see your grown up child walking down the street with a Military duffle bag slung over his shoulder.

We're a proud family and we're very proud of our son.  I know he's going to be a successful soldier.  He's made for it and he choose this path all on his own.  And yet, knowing that he could potentially be put into harm's way strikes terror in the deepest part of my soul.  Yet we have our faith.  The Goddess walks with us, shines Her light down upon us, and lights our days with Her golden Sun.

I took a walk today and saw yellow leaves in the trees, which means the Wheel is turning.  Not only in Nature is the Wheel turning, but my life is turning too.  Our son is in the National Guard and our daughter is in her junior year of college.  Regardless of our faiths and belief systems, I feel lots of parents can empathize with my feelings and it's this camaraderie that sustains me.

I found on Facebook a page for Fort Benning and also a page for parents of New Recruits.  I used to be a Facebook snob, not wanting to join or become a Social Networker.  But I am so grateful for Facebook and for people who share and post about their lives, accomplishments and struggles.  I've found Pagan support, friends, life support and community on Facebook.

I was extremely grateful to also find Circle Sanctuary's Military Pagan Prayer Cards online.  The prayer spoke to my heart and soothed my soul.  I have a candle lit for our son with the prayer underneath.  As soon as we receive his mailing address, I'll send him the prayer card.  My son was also happy to find Pagan support within the Military.  It was awesome to see forums, chatrooms and support for Military Pagans.  I am grateful to all the people who have worked so tirelessly to bring us into the light and have support for our faith, beliefs and way of life.

I also made my son a safe travel mojo to carry with him.  It makes me feel good knowing he's got it with him.

Today I'm still raw and trying to keep it together.  We missed his first phone call home so we're all a little bummed today.  But I took a walk and talked to the trees, listened to some music and felt a little better.  I'm also keeping up my martial arts practice and that's a big help too.

I send blessings to all with children and family in the Military.  And thank you all for reading my blog.

Blessed Be,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Altar for President Obama

Update! November 5, 2012:
  Hail Moonday-Monday! As has been my charge for the last four years, the altar for President Obama is lit! May the blessings of re-election be ours and his! Blessed Be, So Mote It Be!

As Priestess Najah, I've been keeping an altar for President Barack Obama since November 2009.  Recently over the past few Moon cycles, I've had trouble keeping the light going on the altar.  I've cleaned the altar, added new herbs and powders, lit the candles on different days and still nothing worked.  I attributed this to lots of negativity and bad juju being sent President Obama's way.

I may not always agree with our President  or his policies or decisions, but it has become my Charge to keep this altar for his entire term, and thus I am doing so.  So after trying all I knew to keep the light going, I contacted my good friend Dr. Christos Kioni and he helped me out!  Dr. K suggested I move the altar.  So after waiting for the appropriate time and using divination, I moved the altar to its new home.

I'm pleased to say the candle is now burning the strongest and brightest it has burned in a long time.  Thanks so much Dr. Kioni for your help, you ROCK!
When I began this altar I offered to light a light from my altar, for anyone who would also like to the keep the light going.  If you would like a candle lit from my altar, just send me an email.  You will need to provide your own candle.

Peace and Blessings to us all.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Full Moon is Calling

"Whenever ye have need of anything, once in the month and better it be when the Moon is Full..." the words from the Charge of the Goddess, repeating over and over again in my head.  I am brooding and snake like today, feeling in a slight trance.  It's the Full Moon tonight as well as a total Lunar Eclipse.  We won't be able to see it in North America, but we will feel it and I am feeling it already.

Its a night of endings and new beginnings as was revealed to me in my prayer and meditation this morning.  How appropriate for this night as the Moon delves into the shadow and emerges from the light.  A true metaphor for any changes one may going through.  Tonight is a night to delve into the shadows of your life, look at them breathe them and then let them go.  And once you have let them go, emerge into the light, shedding your former self and embrace the newness of Spirit that has come to you.

Once this night has passed the Moon will begin to wane, so I find myself retreating into myself, merging with the Magick that has been created on this night.  It will be a time of internal integration of Spiritual messages and dreams.  Add to that the Summer Solstice occurs on Tuesday.  What a magickal period!

Blessed Be,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Snake and The Dog

I don't particularly like snakes, but I don't exactly dislike them either.  I would say I respect them and have a morbid curiosity about them.   I know snake shed has some very potent spiritual powers and is thus used in Hoodoo and Craft spells alike.  I also know its one of my Kung Fu forms.
I love dogs.  Dogs rock.  They're loyal protectors and members of the family.
I have a dear friend who has both a dog and snakes.  The dog and snakes have gotten along for a long time, that is until last night.
My friend who is a gracious snake keeper and truly loves her snakes was helping me to get to know them better.  For the first time in my life I held two snakes tonight and let them crawl around my arms.  Her snakes are boa constrictors.
The first snake was warm and tame and felt warm against my chest.  I was surprised how peaceful I felt just letting it rest in my arms and against my body.  My heartbeat slowed down and  I could feel it's heart beating at the same time.  Very awesome experience.  I held him for a while and we returned it to it's cage.
Next came the larger boa constrictor.  This snake was quite a bit bigger than the first one and had a beautiful sepia pattern on its body.  I wasn't ready to completely hold this one, but I did let it crawl over my leg while she held the rest of it's body in her arms.  While we had the snake out, the dog was also around, close to the snake.  I remarked how impressed I was that the snakes and the dog got along.
After a while the snake was returned to its cage.  However, we took the snake back out for few minutes to look at some interesting markings on its skin.  I was feeling pretty great about the entire experience.  In the Medicine Cards the snake is the symbol of transmutation, the sign of alchemy, very heavy magick indeed.  I was fascinated with the warmth of its body and its strength, although I could not bring myself to look into its eyes.
Next thing we know the snake draws it's head back and bites the dog in the nose!  Oh my!  This has never happened before.  The dog was ok, mostly shaken up and we felt awful.  It was surreal.  One moment we all sitting pleasantly and the next moment, strike!  I had never felt or seen anything like it.  The snake bit the dog as it was crawling over our legs.
Of course the snake went back in it's cage.  The snake came to the window and peered out.  The dog went to the window and looked in, as if to say "Hey buddy, why did you bite me ?", the dog being true to it's loyal and forgiving self.  The snake said, "Hey, I'm a snake".

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dusty Ole Magickal Books

I wandered.  I decided to stop in at my favorite used bookstore, "Westside Books" http://www.westsidebooks.com/
Lois, the owner greeted me.  It was good to see her as we hadn't seen each other in while.  We start chatting it up and lo and behold my husband comes around the corner!  (Big smile, kisses of joy).  "Did you know he was here?" asks Lois.  "No, I didn't, we came here separately" I replied (big smile).
The magick has begun for me at Westside Books, again.  I love this bookstore.  New, used and rare books stacked floor to ceiling, cramped aisles with old chairs, stacks on the floor, aisles crammed so high and wide with books, you can't see over them.  Just my kind of place.
Today, I tell myself, lets check out some other aisles of the store before heading to my favorite section, the Metaphysical section.  So I did.  I wandered and browsed, gabbed some more with Lois and had a great time, just allowing myself to be led to my section when the time was right.
I finally make my way to the metaphysical section.  It has scattered light peeking in between all the dusty used books and smells of old paper.  I love the smell of old paper in books.
I'm drawn to a book on the Tarot.  I'd been thinking of getting a new Tarot book for a while and there it was.  As I thumbed through the book, I could tell we were a match.  I decided to sit on an old  blue, chair and take a better a look.  Thumbing through the pages, I come to a receipt and this is what it says:
"Seven Rays Book Store...May 23, 1995"! Wow.  Amazing.  A 16 year old receipt in perfect condition.  Hmmm.  One plus six= 7, total price for the book today..$7.00  :)

I googled the store and it still exists.
Lois says she gets her goosebump  quota when I visit her store.  Yeah, me too, Lois, me too! I know more shall unfold from this journey today.

Blessed Be.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Disenchanted and Disillusioned

I had a dream.  It started in 2000 when I took a certificate class in Herbal Medicine.  It was the first time I touched the Earth in a magickal way through herbs and instantly I knew I was home.  I was with women who were passionate about herbs and healing and felt this was definitely the place for me.  I soaked up the knowledge like water, my soul had been parched and thirsty for the comradeship of women healers and Earth knowledge for what had seemed like forever.

While I was in that class I met some Occultists, Witches, Seers and Pagans, and even had my own supernatural experience with a ghost.  I felt open, ready and willing to learn more, see more, and help others. Being an avid reader, I immersed myself in books on herbs, healing, The Craft, and Spirituality.  I learned to read Medicine Cards and the Tarot.

In 2001, I became an Ordained Minister through Universal Brotherhood Movement.  I did so, because a dear friend asked me to wed her and her beloved in New York.  Applying for ordination and receiving it was a huge spiritual change in my life and I loved performing weddings.  Its one of my favorite things to do and a gift from my friend that keeps on giving.

From there, I joined a Drum Circle where I really got introduced to The Goddess, the Wheel of the Year and ritual.  I can still see the hall, lit with candles, smelling transcendent of white sage and all the drums in the Circle.  It was a dream come true.  Again I knew I was home.  I was with Mother Drum Circle for eight years and it was a sad day indeed when it came to a close.

And then in 2008 I stepped into the Hoodoo.  Hoodoo came to me on a business trip to New Orleans.  Returning home I found cat yronwode's book in a spiritual supply store and it changed my life.  I read the inside cover and again I knew I was home.  Here was a place where I could put my herbal knowledge, my spirituality and my desire to help others to good use.  I was excited to learn and be a part of such a cultural legacy.  I knew I was on the right track.  I enrolled in her course, studied hard and graduated.  During my first week in the course, I met my first real practicing Witch.

I asked if she would teach me, leading me to initiation.  That led to a Year and a Day study and she dumped me 3 months shy of completing the goal without any explanation.  I continued on my own and self-dedicated.  I tried to start my own Circle - not coven, just a group of women meeting together to honor the Goddess, the old ways and the Moon.  That died.
Next I tried to study with Elder in the community.  That fizzled out.  Each time I tried to touch with the Goddess and set out on the path of initiation it failed.  The latest failure happened this week as I prepared for a ceremony.  Every time I tried to set a date for the ceremony something went wrong or the date wasn't available.

I don't understand why the path to the Craft of the Wise is so difficult.  Has the Goddess forsaken me?  Does she not want new followers in her Craft?  Three years I have knocked on her door and each answer has left me fallen on my face, sad, disillusioned and disenchanted. 

I have gone back in my heart and mind to what I feel drawn to, called to.  I feel called to the Moon.  I love the Moon.  I worship with the Moon, I find my Divinity in the Moon.  Perhaps the Goddess I have been seeking is not the one of the Craft of the Wise.  Perhaps She exists in my Moon,  in whom my heart always find a home.

My birthday is next Saturday.  A time of rebirth and renewal.  I plan to immerse myself in the sacred waters of a healing mineral spring.   I hope when I come up for air a new sense of purpose and direction will be made known to me. 

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love, Love, Lucky Mojo!

A year ago this week I was on my way to San Francisco, CA to visit a dear friend and attend the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Weekend and Workshops.  I was so happy to be back in my dear Cali, the home of my childhood.  I never spent much time in Northern California, so I was excited to be exploring Sonoma County, the beautiful land of trees and vineyards.  While there I took a beautiful drive to the ocean, which I will never forget.  There is a haunting beauty that never leaves you, as you drive throught the forest and then emerge at the ocean.

I was like a giggly schoolgirl the morning of the Hoodoo Workshop weekend.  I had studied hard to graduate from cat yronwode's Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course in 2008.  From the first moment I entered into relationship with her, through her books, I had known I was home.  Now to think I was just a few miles from meeting her in person and seeing Lucky Mojo with my own eyes.  I could hardly stand it.

I drove the beautiful winding road from Guerneville to Forestville.  I parked and walked up to the path that leads to Lucky Mojo Curio Co.  I was hit with the sight of lush green plants and trees, and roses. Oh the beautiful roses!  Luckily you can see it to, through my Youtube Video:

I won't be attending this year, as my travels are taking me overseas, for the first time in my life!  I am so excited to be getting off the North American continent!
However I will miss being with cat and the wonderful Lucky Mojo staff, and all my colleagues from the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR), eleven of whom are attending this year!  I wish each and every one of them a wonderful, blessed and prosperous weekend.  I will be with them in Spirit.
If you're in the area, be sure to stop by Lucky Mojo, for which you will be abundantly blessed!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day, Blessed Beltane!

I give credit to CelestialElf for this wonderful Beltane Video.  Happy May Day, Blessed Beltane to you!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fairy Tales Do Come True

I woke this morning at 4:00 a.m. to watch the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, now Princess Catherine. I was completely enchanted and awed by the ceremony. It was as if all the story books I read as a little girl, became real and I too was present at the ceremony.

My husband questioned how I could be so enthralled in what is clearly a Christian ceremony, steeped in a thousand year lineage. It was easy for me to put aside religious differences and simply bask in the happiness and joy of a royal wedding. As a  romantic medieval enthusiast there were many things that  made my heart cheer:

First as an African American Witch, I was proud to see Black children in the choir and Black people in the crowd, and Black men in the calvary. We are often left out in European history and it was awesome to see us in included in the ceremony and cheering on the celebration.

Then there were the green trees in the Abbey, the pictures of the Virgin Mary, the handfasting during the ceremony, and the old english being spoken.   I knew the Goddess was there even though Her name was never mentioned.  And as was quoted by Selena Fox on Facebook, they are definitely the May Queen and King of Beltane.  The timing couldn't be any more appropriate.  Did they secretly know this?  I wondered how many people were actually saying Pagan prayers as was I during the ceremony.

To add to the magick of the morning, when I did turn and look out my front window, there was the crescent Moon shining brightly in the eastern dawn.  Words fail me to describe the beauty of the moment.

I wish Prince William and Princess Catherine much happiness, love, peace and blessings.  I was a big fan of Princess Diana, and I know she would have been very proud of her sons today.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beltane Cometh!!

Happy Day, Happy May Day, Blessed Beltane! The Green Man cometh and the Goddess prepares to receive his seed!

Ok, so what I am babbling on about? May is coming! In my tradition we celebrate Beltane, May 1st, the day the Green Man gives his seed to the Mother and she in turn births her children. We dance the Maypole and celebrate!

In non-Pagan terms this means the seeds of summer, the forthcoming harvest, have been planted and the Earth has received them. Flowers and fruits will burst forth from the Earth, and we the Earth's children will delight in the abundance and the harvest.
The other day I was speaking with a dear friend, who has been busy fixing up her home and garden. I shared with her that she was nesting, like a pregnant woman, readying for birth. Have you noticed how everyone is cleaning up their yards and getting excited for warmer days and green growing things?! Even without knowing it, folks are following the cycle of Nature. Preparing their homes and yards for the season that is approaching. We're all celebrating Nature!

Blessed Be and Happy Beltane!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Holy Mother of God

I had a tough time yesterday.  I've been having tough times with Christian Holidays as of late, and yesterday was an all time whopper.

I generally consider myself to be an easy going person, respecting others rights to worship and paths to the Divine as I wish them to respect mine.  But Easter really gets me going.  As a devotee of the Goddess, its the one day that brutally reminds me of the misogynist nature of the patriarchal religion of this country and the western world.  It chaps my hide and makes me grit my teeth.  And then I feel guilty and feel as if I'm no better than them for having such feelings.  So I prayed the Serenity prayer.  I thought I need to find a better way to deal with these feelings.  Let me be peaceful and open and try to let go and let live.  No sooner did I pray those words, the tv program "60 Minutes" airs the below episode:

"Mt. Athos A Visit to the Holy Mountain"

I was intrigued.  For the first time ever, the monks at Mt. Athos allowed tv cameras to film their monastery.  I was falling into the serenity of Mt. Athos and the monks commitment to their faith.  I appreciated the rituals, the dedication, the beauty, and how people can still petition the monastery for admittance, and live the life of a devoted monk.  And then a monk uttered these words (paraphrasing) - he was being asked about women...they (the monks) revere the Mother of God, but women are not allowed on the premises, never have been, never will be..they'll bring their kids and families and then it will become a tourist attraction and the silence will be broken.

My mouth literally hung open,  I was appalled.  No wonder they never wanted cameras there!  Seems to me Mt. Athos=misogyny, which I was interested to learn originates from the Greek (!) word misogunia which means to hate women.  Apparently women are good enough to be the Mother of the God but not good enough to set foot on Mt. Athos!

So there was my answer.  I was saddened but clear.  And now I have clear seeing as to why I walk the path of the Goddess, the Holy Mother of God and Her ways, which open my heart, connect me to Nature and lift me to the Divine.

Blessed Be.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Blessed Earth Day

"Blessed Mother, Divine Mother,  
On this day we thank you for the Sun which shines upon us,
The Rain that pours down upon us,
The Night that cloaks us,
The Moon that lights us,
And your body which sustains us.  

I thank you for the sunny days which make me smile and the cloudy days that make me frown.
I thank you for teaching me balance, That day follows night, calm follows storm.
I thank you for your beautiful oceans and all the glorious creatures that live and swim in your waters.
I thank you for all beings, human, winged, four-legged, hoppers, runners, jumpers, and the ones that creep me out!
And most of all, thank you for beautiful butterflies.
Thank you for taking the bodies of those whom I have loved, resting them and returning them to your body, from whence we all come.
Blessed Mother, Divine Mother, Happy Earth Day to You." 

Najah Lightfoot Bagley, Sister, Woman, Priestess

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Attitude

I've got a Sunday attitude and it ain't good right now.  That's cause I'm working on a Sunday and it really annoys me.  I've never liked working on Sundays.  I grew up with Sundays meaning taking it slow, cooking pancakes, reading comics, watching tv.  Now as a grown up I still want to do those things and throw hangin' with my hubby in the mix.  As I write this a guilty voice speaks in my head, reminding me to be grateful that I have a job, especially when so many people are out of work and living in desperate economic times.  Ok, I hear that and I still don't like working on Sundays!

Last night I celebrated the Full Moon with my sisters.  We had a wonderful time.  I love celebrating the Full Moon.  I get all charged up when I'm prepping for Circle.  I love driving to our meeting place seeing the Full Moon in the sky, knowing that in just a little while, I'll be entering into sacred communion with Her.

I recently finished a great book - "High Priestess" by Patricia Crowther.  It's one of the best books I've read on the Craft and the history of the Craft Renaissance.  I really liked how Ms. Crowther was so forthcoming in her book.  I find a lot of books of the Craft to be simplistic and lacking in meaningful detail.  I highly recommend this book for your library.

This morning the Goddess Sarasvati appeared in my cards.  She told me I needed to surround myself with beautiful music and be creative.  Spurned on by a really nice comment on my blog (thank you!!) I put in the headphones and decided to write.  Now I'm glad I did.

I hope wherever you are today, you are having a good Sunday.

Peace and Blessings to you,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taking Control of My Blog

I've been dickin' around with my blog for a while.  For a while I was stymied because I felt that if I didn't include pictures with my blog, no one would read it.  Then my friend David gave me permission to write without adding pictures to every entry.  I thought to myself, do I choose books based on the pictures?  I left choosing books for pictures a long time ago.  I hope my blog will still be well recieved with or without pictures.

My next stumbling block has been trying to update my Blogger settings.  UGH!  For months I've been trying to remove blogs I no longer follow from my Reading List.  I don't know about you but when I open Blogger to write, if I see something I don't like, it distracts me from writing.  But today, success!  I was finally able to remove the unwanted blogs.  YAY!

So, I'm back to blogging.  For me, blogging is an extension of journaling, which I have done consistently since I was 8 years old.  Only difference is my journals are private and my blogs are public.  Fortunately for my reading public I hope to have worked out my "stuff" in my journals before I clog up my blog with stuff. 

I want to thank the 8 people who have hung with me on my blog.  I know if you turn the number 8 on it's side, its the sign for infinity.  So here's to infinity and beyond!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Goddess Abundantia, Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance

June 24, 2014 - Update!  If you are interested in learning specifics about working with Goddess Abundantia and a money altar, pick up the 2015 Witches' Companion, by Llewellyn Worldwide Publications!

In it you will see my article, titled, "Prosperity Magick and Goddess Abundantia".  I've included a link below.  All Hail the Goddess Abundantia!  Blessed Be!


May 29, 2012 - This article has been updated to include a photo of my Money Altar.

I use the Goddess Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue in my prayer and meditation.  I've been a big a fan of her's since I read the Lightworker's Way several years ago.  Doreen Virtue's insight and intution have brought big blessings into my life and I am grateful.

The latest blessing came from my work with the benovelent Goddess, Abundantia.  The Goddess Abundantia turned up in my daily reading about a month ago.  I read her story and truly felt inspired and blessed by her goodness.

Later I found a wonderful invocation to her, which I performed and placed upon my money altar:

"Beautiful Goddess Abundantia, I desire to be like you.  Carefree and filled with faith that my supply is already met, in all ways.  Help me replace any money worries with joy and gratitude.  Help me open my arms so that Heaven may easily help me.  Thank you for all your guidance, gifts and protection.  I am truly grateful, and I am abundantly joyful and fulfilled.  I let go and relax in the sure knowledge that I'm completely taken care of immediately, now, and in the future".

Well, lo and behold my arms are open and the heavens have poured out their blessings to me!  This week my vehicle needed an air bag repair.  The repair was valued at $900.00.  The dealership decided the defect was due to the construction of the vehicle, so I was charged $0.00!  To add to my blessings, an enormous medical bill which I was in the beginning stages of an appeal was miraculously wiped out.  The agency to which the bill was due decided in my favor and accepted the money that had already been the insurance company, thus making my balance owed $0.00 and saving me $1700.00!  Blessed Be!

So on this day of the Full Moon, I bow and give thanks to the Goddess Abundantia and thank her for her benovelent blessings in my life.

As always Bright Blessings to You!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

This Week's Magick

Tonight the Moon is a silver sliver in the sky.  I wait in anticipation for the first sign of the Moon in the night sky.  It always takes my breath away to see the Crescent Moon.  I'm always aware of the Moon's presence or absence in the sky.  Seeing the Moon in the night sky brings me comfort.

I recently performed a house cleansing/blessing.  The cleansing/blessing was for a roommate situation that had gone sour and the person wanted some fresh, good energy in their home.  I enjoy performing these types of works, as I too am uplifted by the work.  I love the intense pungent smell of cleansing incense and I like seeing the candles lit in the rooms that I've passed through.  Best of all I enjoy seeing the people I'm working for peaceful and happy when the work is done.

We're in a New Moon, waxing cycle.  This is a time for works of increase and abundance.  We had a great start to this new cycle.  How auspicious for Chinese New Year, Year of the Rabbit and Imbolc to occur at the same time!  My mind has begun to think about all the great upcoming spring and summer festivals.  Although I love winter, I also enjoy dancing and twirling about with my friends. Its so nice to celebrate and have rituals for all the seasons.

Peace and Blessings,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blessed Imbolc

Today the Wheel Turns and we recognize and honor Brigid, the Goddess of secrets, initiation, fire and light.  Most of the country is submerged in snow and ice.  Here in Denver its a sacred -13 degrees.

When I woke this morning the Earth was quiet and snow is still on the ground.  I was conscious of the sacredness of this day.  Instead of turning on all the lights, I lit my blessed candle from Kildare, Ireland from the flame of St. Brigid, and felt the warmth of the promise of hope.  Renewed hope in the knowledge that albeit we are cold and the Earth in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, is covered in snow, seeds are germinating, Spring is on its way. 

In another time and place, I see myself wandering down a path in a snow covered forest.  I make my way to altar where a single white candle burns bright.  I lay my offerings at the altar.  I remove my hood and notice a fire a burns strong and bright in the center of the Circle.  I throw sacred herbs into the fire and they crackle and spark.  Forest creatures gather at the outskirts of my Circle to witness and celebrate this sacred day with me.  I lift my arms to the skies, as I cry out Blessed Imbolc, Beloved Goddess, Blessed Be!

Blessed Be.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This Week's Magick

A spider bit me.  It bit me right on my neck, otherwise known as the throat chakra.  The bite left also left me with a swollen lymph node on my neck, which is very painful.  The bite is large enough that you can actually see two black dots where the spider sunk it's fangs into my neck.  Ouch and creepy.  I've been to the doctor and she felt the bite was significant enough to warrant a tetanus shot.  Now I've got a sore neck and a sore arm.

But moving in the realms that I do, I know there is more to this spider bite than just the physical.  As one of my dear magickal sisters reminded me, "what is spider trying to tell you?".  Hmmmm.

I know from my training as a reader of Medicine Cards that Grandmother Spider comes to tell you to "write!" Put it down on paper!  I am a lifelong journaler, but I've been hit and miss at keeping up my blog.  I guess she finally got my attention, so with that I'm making a commitment to post to my blog, at least once a week.  Guess my throat chakra has a lot to say.  So here we go, may we enjoy the ride. 

This Week's Magic

I worked for 2 clients this week.  I'm in a long term work for a client who has a substantial court case.  Several times a week I light a candle on her honey jar and pray for her success, in accordance with the will of my Higher Power - the Divine Mother Goddess and for the highest good of all concerned.  It fills my soul to work Hoodoo for people.  I have been blessed with a great gift and I am honored to be able to work for those in need.

I also crafted a cleansing package for a client who needs to let go of some yucky stuff in her life.  Oh, everything smelled so wonderful!  I dressed and fixed a 7 day vigil candle with strong cleansing herbs of rosemary, eucalyptus and peppermint.  I also made a condition oil and bath salt for her. 

On the spiritual side, we are coming up on Imbolc, one of the great Sabbats of the Pagan/Wiccan calendar.  This year Imbolc is celebrated on February 2, which is also Groundhog's day.  Imbolc celebrates the heralding of Spring and St. Brigid.  Even though in most parts of the country, snow still covers the ground, we know that the Earth is stirring.  Seeds are germinating and the first blooms of flowers are just around the corner.  Adding even more magick to this day is the fact that it is also the New Moon!

Peace and Blessings,