Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
Luna Bright, Full Moon Light!

Lullaby by Nox Arcana - Absolutely Lovely

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Moon Conjure

Last month I missed the first silver crescent of the New Moon, due to the wildfires here in Colorado.  The sky was so cloudy that I didn't get to see the New Moon.  The first time I saw the Moon was when it was half-full and I was kinda bummed that I had missed the crescent.  Perhaps too, that is also why I had such an attack of the "Dark of The Moon Blues", because I missed the Crescent last month.

Thankfully this month the sky was clear and I intentionally went outside to view the Crescent.  I was rewarded by seeing the faintest sliver, hiding behind clouds.  I then knew I could begin my New Moon work. 

This cycle I had several candles to dress and fix.  Lots of people are in need, not to name a general need for all of my fellow Coloradans and everyone affected by the Aurora Shooting.

I laid all my candles out, gathered my herbs and oils and set to dressing and fixing them.  I love doing the work.  There is something very creative and healing about doing candle work.  I also dressed and fixed candles for my altars.  I light fresh candles on my altars on the New Moon and the Full Moon, and sometimes in-between, depending upon the work needed.

Here's to a New Moon cycle.  I wish you bright blessings upon your works and may they be successful ones!

Priestess Najah

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Horror, Sadness - Century Theater, Aurora, Colorado

I live in Denver, Colorado.  I was here when Columbine happened and I was here yesterday, when I awoke to the news of the massacre at the Century Theater in Aurora, CO. 

Today I feel overwhelming sadness and grief.  Yesterday it was shock.  My soul and spirit at a loss, for words or comfort.  Of course I prayed.  I prayed and lit candles.  I vascillated between not listening to the news and being unable to tear myself away from it.

None of my family or friends were there.  Yet they were all my family and friends.  This is my city, my home, my town and my grief is such as if I was there.  I have been to that theater, sat in those seats.  I can barely comprehend what has happened.  I still sit in horror that we are being held hostage by the explosives in the shooter's apartment.  Evil.  The face of pure evil has presented itself. 

The degrees of separation are small.  My co-worker's son and daughter have 2 friends in critical condition from the shooting.  He came to work with red eyes as they had had such little sleep, anxiously awaiting news.  We're all trying to cope.  Coping as we know how through, faith, prayer, anger, disbelief, acceptance and back through it all again.

I have no great words of advice or direction.  I don't understand it and for that too I am grateful.  I don't want to understand it.  Understanding such horror means to me I have some type of relevance for the situation and I do not.

I'm very grateful for the country's response.  Flags flown at half staff, prayers, tweets, Facebook posts.  We need all of it.

Blessed Be, So Mote It Be.

Priestess Najah

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dark of The Moon Blues

I've got the "Dark of the Moon' Blues.  Add to that Mercury being in retrograde which strongly affects my sign of Gemini and no wonder I feel a little off kilter.

My life is so deeply tied to the Moon, that I know when She is gone from the sky and anxiously await the appearance of Her first silver Crescent.

When the first Crescent appears, I know I can begin to work my Conjure for increase and abundance of things I wish to bring into my life.  When the Moon is dark, I know it's time to wait.  Patience is needed and trust and faith, that the Moon will once again appear in the night sky.

Some use this time to go within and reflect.  It's also a good time for scrying if you're skilled in that art.  I recently used my scrying mirror I won at last year's auction, at the fabulous, first ever, New Orleans Witches Ball.  If you get the opportunity to attend the Ball, it is a must!  We shall return to the Ball in 2013.

So, I guess it's a time to be still and reflective, which is sometimes a hard task for a lively Gemini such as myself.  I guess it's the Yin/Yang of Gemini.  As lively as we can be, sometimes we can get melancholy, dark and brooding.  But I know new energy is just around the corner. 

Here's to the Dark of the Moon and quiet time.

Blessed Be,
Priestess Najah

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday The 13th!

Ooooh, it's Friday the 13th!  I just get giddy about this day.  Not only is Friday named in honor of the sexy-warrior Goddess Freya, 13 is the number of Full Moons in a year, the first year of puberty, a baker's dozen, as well as countless other good things.  Today I also learned 13 is the number of cards in each suite, in a deck of cards.

Since in my last post I talked about reclaiming the word "Witch", let us also reclaim the number 13.  Information abounds on the net about the history of the Knights Templar and why this day became superstitious one.  Have fun reading about the history of the Knights Templar and the Friday the 13th, and all the other superstitions

How this day came to be associated with Witches and Black cats, I'm not exactly sure.  Just thinking out loud about this topic as I write, in my research I have come to understand that a lot of the superstitions are religious based and perhaps Witches got a bad rap, because of the 13 Full Moons in a year.  Who knows?

At any rate, Friday the 13th is a good day.  The number 13 is a sacred number, a good number and it's the current number of followers on my blog!  Thank you!

Go on and have yourself a Happy Friday the 13th!

Priestess Najah

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Conjure - "Remove This Condition From Me!"

Yesterday wasn't good.  The day ended with me feeling emotional and defeated from a long standing work issue.

My Spirit was low and heavy when I awoke, as I was dreading returning to another round of drama.  It took me a while to gather my energy.  I then realized I needed to do some "remove this condition from me!" work.
Remember the old adage, "Physician Heal Thyself"?  It's always hardest to work for ourselves, yet this is exactly where most workers begin.  We begin by healing ourselves, our families and loved ones.

I performed my morning meditation and routine.  And then I set about to work.  I gathered 2 tealights, which I anointed with olive oil.  Next I gathered some "removing" bath crystals.  These are bath crystals made with herbs and oils, such a eucalyptus which is a very strong cleanser.  The crystals have also been blessed to do this work. I also gathered a bucket.

I lit the candles.  I stepped into the bath and poured the removal water over me, washing downwards, stating clearly and strongly, "Goddess hear my call to Thee, Remove This Condition From Me!!!".  I continued this process until I felt a change in my Spirit.

I gathered the bath water, stepped between the tealights and poured the water down the toilet.  It felt great to dispose of all that funk.

I finished getting ready for work.  When I got to work, to my great relief and surprise, the issue had been resolved and I had been vindicated!!  Blessed Be, The Goddess heard and answered my prayers and the work I had done was successful!  In addition this work was performed during a waning Moon, which is an excellent time to do banishing work.

As always I wish you Bright Blessings and may your works be successful ones,
Priestess Najah

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hoodoo, Voodoo, Conjure, Witchcraft. What is it?!

I can get bogged down in terms.  Sometimes if can't name something I can't seem to move forward.  Perhaps you've experienced the same issue.

I shun from using the word "Hoodoo" from the simple fact people confuse the word "Hoodoo" with "Voodoo" and I get tired of explaining the difference.  Short and simple - "Voodoo/Voudoun" is a religion with its own set of deities and ancient, time-honored practices.  It is a religion of the African Diaspora.  I respect the tradition and practices of Voudoun, and while there may be cross-over of certain techniques, I am a Pagan Priestess of the Goddess and it is not my practice to work within the African Traditional Religions.

Hoodoo/Conjure - think New Orleans.  Think of the South and slaves, American Indians and European immigrants.  Think of the Applachian Mountains.  Think of the Mountain people, gathering herbs and roots and pieces of leather.  Think of candles lighting in the dark and walks to the graveyard.  Think of washing yourself  down to rid yourself of something negative, or washing yourself up to bring in something positive.  Short and sweet you done got yourself some Conjure.  I love the word "Conjure".  It brings to mind images of stirring a pot, speaking a mysterious incantation and something wonderful arising from the cauldron.  Sounds similar to "Witchcraft" doesn't it?

Not all Witches perform spellwork.  Witches are just as varied as any other group of people, and the performing of spells is not required to call oneself a Witch.  However for me, spellwork is one of the things I love to do and what keeps my Craft strong.  Get it? Is it beginning to make sense why the word "craft" is included in the term "Witchcraft"?  To keep your craft strong you must practice it, just like any other art.  Part of keeping my Craft strong includes honoring the Full Moons, because I practice my WitchCraft as a Goddess religion.  That is my choice and it works for me. 
There are many similarites between Hoodoo/Conjure and the Craft.  The use of candles, the crafting of talismans or mojos.  The use of herbs and roots.  However traditional Hoodoo workers are usually of a Christian background and the Bible is used heavily in their work.  Normally you would find a Hoodoo worker within the community of a Christian church. 
A Witch would normally be found in the peasant community, gathering herbs, helping to heal the sick, bless homes, the farm, the cattle, and also helping with childbirth. Sounds like a Priest or Priestess, doesn't it.  I don't shy away from the word "Witch". I love it.  I reclaim it.  It has been misused and abused and it's about time it was returned to it's rightful position in our society.  I really dislike it when women are referred to as "Witches" in a derogatory manner.  Call them what you mean, say "Bitch" not "Witch"!

In this age of the internet, there are a plethora of sites one can go to find deeper meanings and explanations of the above.  I'm not going to list them here, for that is part of the journey of the Mystery.  If you wish to know more, have fun on the journey.

As always I wish you Bright Blessings on your Journey!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tell Me About Conjure

What is Conjure and why do I practice it?  Why do I offer my services to help others?  Have you ever felt there must be something more you can do in a situation?  Do you pray?  Do you light candles?  Conjure work to me, is prayer backed by centuries of knowledge, using the gifts Nature has bestowed on us, to help us on our way. 
In my own life I have had many successful outcomes using the art of Conjure.  The work comes naturally to me although it takes time, skill, knowledge and effort to produce successful results.  I've been so blessed through my Craft of Conjure, that I feel it is my responsibilty to offer my services to assist others.  If you'd like to know more about me or my services, please visit my website; http://www.craftandconjure.com/