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Full Moon Glory!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Snake and The Dog

I don't particularly like snakes, but I don't exactly dislike them either.  I would say I respect them and have a morbid curiosity about them.   I know snake shed has some very potent spiritual powers and is thus used in Hoodoo and Craft spells alike.  I also know its one of my Kung Fu forms.
I love dogs.  Dogs rock.  They're loyal protectors and members of the family.
I have a dear friend who has both a dog and snakes.  The dog and snakes have gotten along for a long time, that is until last night.
My friend who is a gracious snake keeper and truly loves her snakes was helping me to get to know them better.  For the first time in my life I held two snakes tonight and let them crawl around my arms.  Her snakes are boa constrictors.
The first snake was warm and tame and felt warm against my chest.  I was surprised how peaceful I felt just letting it rest in my arms and against my body.  My heartbeat slowed down and  I could feel it's heart beating at the same time.  Very awesome experience.  I held him for a while and we returned it to it's cage.
Next came the larger boa constrictor.  This snake was quite a bit bigger than the first one and had a beautiful sepia pattern on its body.  I wasn't ready to completely hold this one, but I did let it crawl over my leg while she held the rest of it's body in her arms.  While we had the snake out, the dog was also around, close to the snake.  I remarked how impressed I was that the snakes and the dog got along.
After a while the snake was returned to its cage.  However, we took the snake back out for few minutes to look at some interesting markings on its skin.  I was feeling pretty great about the entire experience.  In the Medicine Cards the snake is the symbol of transmutation, the sign of alchemy, very heavy magick indeed.  I was fascinated with the warmth of its body and its strength, although I could not bring myself to look into its eyes.
Next thing we know the snake draws it's head back and bites the dog in the nose!  Oh my!  This has never happened before.  The dog was ok, mostly shaken up and we felt awful.  It was surreal.  One moment we all sitting pleasantly and the next moment, strike!  I had never felt or seen anything like it.  The snake bit the dog as it was crawling over our legs.
Of course the snake went back in it's cage.  The snake came to the window and peered out.  The dog went to the window and looked in, as if to say "Hey buddy, why did you bite me ?", the dog being true to it's loyal and forgiving self.  The snake said, "Hey, I'm a snake".

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