Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
Luna Bright, Full Moon Light!

Lullaby by Nox Arcana - Absolutely Lovely

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Piercing Full Moon

It was a piercing Full Moon - literally.  Today I am still feeling the mystic high from my Blue Moon initiation.

Yesterday I got my ear pierced.  Mind you this is not the piercing at the Mall type, where you sit in a chair and they take the gun, and bam(!), your ear lobe is pierced.

No, this is a "piercing" right through the cartliage of my ear.  I earned it. Just like the badge of courage one gets when you get a tattoo.  And I got it on the Full Moon at Blue Door Tattoo, here in Denver.  A Blue Moon Piercing at the Blue Door Tattoo shop.  Its kind of poetic.

I was terrified.  I was grateful my girlfriend went with me and held my hand.  I had to had everything explained to me in great detail.  I give the utmost credit, to Cami, my piercer, for her kindness, gentleness and professionalism.

And oh yeah, I felt it when she pushed the needle through the my ear.  But it was quick and I was thrilled when it was done.  I felt high.  I'm sure anyone who has gotten a tattoo or piercing can relate to the feeling, you feel when your tat or piercing is done.

I love my piercing.  It looks like it has always been there, which to me is a good sign that we put the hoop in the right place.  Its still very tender and sore.  It definitely lets me know its there, when I touch it, and it will take a significantly long time to heal.  But thats ok, because I know that in the caring for it, I will learn much.  I've already learned much about myself and my dedication, through the experience.  I will always remember that I got my first piercing (and maybe my one and only) on the Blue Moon of August 2013.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Changing It Up

The trees are changing.  Mother Nature sends little hints every day that my favorite time of year, Summer, is fading away.  So as much as I would rather stick my head in the sand and pretend, winter isn't far behind, I must acknowledge "Change" and go with the flow.

I changed up my blog design.  I was bored with it.  I think it looks fresh and even better, it inspires me to return to it and write.  Thank you everyone for hanging with me, as its been approximately one month since my last post!

I have been busy, busy.  My world has exploded with writing and writing opportunites.  I finished my two articles for Llewellyn publications, which will be published next year.  And now I'm working on a fictional story.  What makes me think I can write fiction, I have no idea.  But as a writer, the world is only limited by my imagination and you'll never know unless you try.  Plus I'm pretty attached to my protagonist and its exciting seeing where the story takes me.  I'll update more on that progress as it comes.

Back to the seasons and change.  I look forward to Samhain (as we Pagans and Witches) call Halloween.  I find myself already loading up my calendar, then going "whoa I need to back off there a bit!"  Its so easy to get overwhelmed with the Halloween season.  And it always strikes me funny, that my Witch calendar is booked solid during the month of October, and then its completely open through New Year's day. 

And honestly speaking, another reason I hate to see Summer end, is because I dread the Thanksgiving - Christmas  push and pressure.  The months of July, August and September are so simple and laid back.  There's no mad rushing around to get this gift or that, no parties to plan, no Holidays to figure out how to observe.  And I always have a tough time with Christmas.  Somedays I just want to puke from the "Our Savior" overload.

Anyway, its great to be back on the page.  I hope your Summer has been delightful!
Peace and Bright Blessings,
Priestess Najah