Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
Luna Bright, Full Moon Light!

Lullaby by Nox Arcana - Absolutely Lovely

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Inner Compass

I love taking adventure walks. I've lived in my neighborhood for twenty years and I still get surprised by the things I find, when I set out on a walk. Now that we've added a new puppy to our family, my walks have become even more interesting. Trying to guide and train a puppy, while also attempting to let my inner compass guide me can be quite challenging! But my little puppy and I are making headway.

Today as I let the Goddess of Nature and Sunshine guide us through the neighborhood, I was pleasantly surprised to come upon a free lending library.
I think these are ones of the best ideas to crop up in recent history. I've seen them before but never taken a book. Today I took a book:

And what book caught my eye? "Confessions of a Pagan Nun," by Kate Horsley. I've never heard of this lovely novel, but there it was on the shelf, waiting for me. Without hesitation, I held onto my dog's leash and took that book, right off the shelf. It was a great feeling!

As I continued through my neighborhood, I also passed a house with a pentagram chime hanging on its front porch. Of course I smiled, and gave a silent "Blessed Be."

It's wonderful to let your inner compass lead you. You never know what gifts are in store when you allow the Goddess to lead. We don't always have the time or opportunity to go on walk-a-bouts, but when we do, we are sure to be rewarded.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

All Hail the Queen Mother - Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

It's been a hell of a week. Last week recovering from the shock of the U.S. Presidential Election, my post was about the blue candle of hope. Today it's about how we are handling, getting over, coping with the outcome and the revelations of disturbing things that seem to be popping up everyday - in direct correlation, to the man who is now the Presidential Elect.

Add to all that emotion, the power of the Super Full Moon, which blew the world away with its majesty and beauty. Astronomers told us it was the largest Super Full Moon in seventy years. Is it any coincidence we had the biggest, brightest Full Moon, during what is the darkest time for many in the country?

Personally, I was blessed to be a part of a glorious Full Moon ritual, which helped a lot. I know many people are praying, doing what they can in their own ways, to help us heal, move forward and avert paths that would be disastrous for our county, our global sisters and brothers and the planet.

That is why in my quest for healing and escape, I found myself watching a gloriously restored version, of Elizabeth Taylor as the Great Mother herself, the divine and powerful Goddess, as "Cleopatra" which was released in 1963. A shout out to Netflix, for having it in their library.

When Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra enters Rome, it is one of the most sweeping, epic, emotionally charged and chilling scenes, I've ever seen in a movie. I too felt as if I was on the streets of Rome, cheering the arrival of the Great Mother, begging and waiting for her to save us from ourselves. Even the wives of the Roman senate had to stand and give her, her due. Even they recognized whom they were seeing. The entire scene brought tears to my eyes, as I realized this is what we have lost - respect. Respect and honor for women. Respect and honor for the Divine Mother, the womb of creation. I too wept.

I've provided a YouTube link of Cleopatra's entrance:

Granted, it's a very long movie and I'm still making my way through it. Seems I've tried on many occasions to watch the entire film. I know the ending, but now I'm taking the viewing in bits. Seems this is best way, to make it through the 4 hour run time.

As an Earth-based, sister-priestess of the Divine Feminine, if there was a posthumous award to be given for portraying the Divine Mother, Elizabeth Taylor would win it. She is unflinching in her portrayal of the Great Mother. She exudes the strength and character we so desperately need in these trying times, of our own, in the year 2016.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blue Candle of Hope

I'm shocked, saddened, dismayed and disappointed at the outcome of the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election.

I can't even bring myself to type the words "President xxxxx."  It feels to me as if man has failed again.

I know I am not alone in my grief and shock. How we got here will take eons to process and understand. And where we are headed is even more terrifying to imagine.

Yet the very first thing I did this morning was light a candle. That small act lightened the darkness and gloom I felt. I prayed to the Divine Mother for her guidance, direction and protection. I know many are praying this morning too.

I choose not to give in. It's a crisp fall morning. The air here in Denver is crisp and clean. The Sun is shining. This is the time to stick with what we know, what we believe, what sustains us. Feel the power of the blue candle. May it bring some semblance of peace and hope to your day.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Are Those Your Real Clothes or Is That a Costume?

Sadly Halloween and Samhain are now past. It's time to put away all the fun clothes and chivalrous outfits we donned over the weekend, or perhaps several weekends. Luckily I've got one more event to attend, a Day of the Dead celebration. It's my last opportunity to wear skull make up and put on some of my favorite pieces.

I always feel more myself in my Witchy clothing, Halloween clothing or Renn Faire clothing. I feel we've lost something by not wearing dresses that require us to lift our hems, although I would never want to go back to not having the choice to wear pants.

But something magickal happens when I put on my floor length gowns and lift my skirt to navigate steps. Something I've learned is easier said than done. How did we as women navigate steps and curbs with all that long material around our ankles?

Looking towards the future, the Winter Solstice is coming. There will be holiday parties and more events attend, but not ones that require me to wear my Witchy clothing. Perhaps I'll create my own Winter evening, where I and my friends can dress up once more.

Happy Holidays!