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Full Moon Glory!
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Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm A BootCamp Momma

My twenty-year old son went off to Bootcamp this week.  He's in the Army National Guard stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia.

My heart is broken, my world turned upside down, my center off-balance.  Even though we prepared for this day, since he was a toddler, nothing can quite prepare you to see your grown up child walking down the street with a Military duffle bag slung over his shoulder.

We're a proud family and we're very proud of our son.  I know he's going to be a successful soldier.  He's made for it and he choose this path all on his own.  And yet, knowing that he could potentially be put into harm's way strikes terror in the deepest part of my soul.  Yet we have our faith.  The Goddess walks with us, shines Her light down upon us, and lights our days with Her golden Sun.

I took a walk today and saw yellow leaves in the trees, which means the Wheel is turning.  Not only in Nature is the Wheel turning, but my life is turning too.  Our son is in the National Guard and our daughter is in her junior year of college.  Regardless of our faiths and belief systems, I feel lots of parents can empathize with my feelings and it's this camaraderie that sustains me.

I found on Facebook a page for Fort Benning and also a page for parents of New Recruits.  I used to be a Facebook snob, not wanting to join or become a Social Networker.  But I am so grateful for Facebook and for people who share and post about their lives, accomplishments and struggles.  I've found Pagan support, friends, life support and community on Facebook.

I was extremely grateful to also find Circle Sanctuary's Military Pagan Prayer Cards online.  The prayer spoke to my heart and soothed my soul.  I have a candle lit for our son with the prayer underneath.  As soon as we receive his mailing address, I'll send him the prayer card.  My son was also happy to find Pagan support within the Military.  It was awesome to see forums, chatrooms and support for Military Pagans.  I am grateful to all the people who have worked so tirelessly to bring us into the light and have support for our faith, beliefs and way of life.

I also made my son a safe travel mojo to carry with him.  It makes me feel good knowing he's got it with him.

Today I'm still raw and trying to keep it together.  We missed his first phone call home so we're all a little bummed today.  But I took a walk and talked to the trees, listened to some music and felt a little better.  I'm also keeping up my martial arts practice and that's a big help too.

I send blessings to all with children and family in the Military.  And thank you all for reading my blog.

Blessed Be,

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