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Full Moon Glory!
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Dusty Ole Magickal Books

I wandered.  I decided to stop in at my favorite used bookstore, "Westside Books" http://www.westsidebooks.com/
Lois, the owner greeted me.  It was good to see her as we hadn't seen each other in while.  We start chatting it up and lo and behold my husband comes around the corner!  (Big smile, kisses of joy).  "Did you know he was here?" asks Lois.  "No, I didn't, we came here separately" I replied (big smile).
The magick has begun for me at Westside Books, again.  I love this bookstore.  New, used and rare books stacked floor to ceiling, cramped aisles with old chairs, stacks on the floor, aisles crammed so high and wide with books, you can't see over them.  Just my kind of place.
Today, I tell myself, lets check out some other aisles of the store before heading to my favorite section, the Metaphysical section.  So I did.  I wandered and browsed, gabbed some more with Lois and had a great time, just allowing myself to be led to my section when the time was right.
I finally make my way to the metaphysical section.  It has scattered light peeking in between all the dusty used books and smells of old paper.  I love the smell of old paper in books.
I'm drawn to a book on the Tarot.  I'd been thinking of getting a new Tarot book for a while and there it was.  As I thumbed through the book, I could tell we were a match.  I decided to sit on an old  blue, chair and take a better a look.  Thumbing through the pages, I come to a receipt and this is what it says:
"Seven Rays Book Store...May 23, 1995"! Wow.  Amazing.  A 16 year old receipt in perfect condition.  Hmmm.  One plus six= 7, total price for the book today..$7.00  :)

I googled the store and it still exists.
Lois says she gets her goosebump  quota when I visit her store.  Yeah, me too, Lois, me too! I know more shall unfold from this journey today.

Blessed Be.

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