Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
Luna Bright, Full Moon Light!

Lullaby by Nox Arcana - Absolutely Lovely

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Magick Takes Time

I've been waiting for the Crescent Moon to appear in the sky.  I'm always keenly aware of the dark of the Moon, noticing and tracking on an intuitive level when the Moon is no longer visible.  As always, my first glimpse of the Crescent Moon was awe-inspiring.  When I see the waxing Crescent Moon, I'm childlike, gasping as if someone just gave me a great surprise.  I know the Moon waxes and wanes every month, but each month, when She appears new in the night sky, it's a surprise, a gift I never tire of opening.

Also, when the Moon is new and the Crescent is seen, it's also a cue to me that I can start working magick again. Through my studies and training, I do not begin new works when the Moon is dark.  Notice I said " I don't begin" new works.  There have many times where I may continuing a work while the Moon was waning, but I definitely don't start new works, until I see the Crescent Moon in the sky.

One of the most important elements of spellwork is having patience.  One needs to have the skill and ability to wait and use timing to ensure a successful outcome to a spell or work.  I get so many calls from people who want something immediately or the situation for which they need help is upcoming in a few days.  I find most people don't understand magick takes time.  As much as we would all love to be "Bewitched" and twinkle our noses and have instant results, a magickal worker must prep, plan, prepare and then work.

This cycle I waited to read my cards for the New Moon to Full Moon.  I pulled them early this morning as the night was fading and dawn was arriving.  I was still in a deep dream state, so I'm still integrating the message.  I also dressed and fixed and lit a candle on one of the several altars I tend.  It makes me happy to see the candles lit.  Its a good feeling.

As the Moon continues to Wax, I wish you all good works.  This is a time to be used for increasing and calling things to you which you need.

As always I wish you bright blessings!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day and Beltane Cometh Next!

As we celebrate Earth Day, as Witches and Pagans we know what's coming next. Beltane!! Also known as May Day, first day of May. We'll be attending Beltania in beautiful Florence, CO where we will attempt to break the Guiness World Book of Records, for the largest Maypole Dance ever held! It's gonna be a blast. Come on out and join us, and celebrate Beltane! http://www.beltania.org/

As always on this Earth Day and every day, I wish you Bright Blessings!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Cycle, New Moon

It's a New Moon today and that means it's the beginning of a New Cycle, which I'm always happy about, because I always feel that I could use a new beginning!

For a while I thought I would step away from my blog.  It just seems too much at times to keep my Facebook page going, my Twitter account going and my blog going - all at the same time.  However I have become very encouraged by my stats as of late, so I thank everyone who reads my blog.  It means a lot and I appreciate you taking the time, to stop by and hang out with me.
In my heart I'm really a writer, an avid journaler, as I have journaled pretty much daily, since I was 8 years old.  Writing is in my blood, in my nature.  It keeps me sane.  So, I very much appreciate the space to write and share my feelings, knowledge and experiences. 

My thoughts today turn to spellwork and the Moon.  I always wait for the new Crescent to show, before I begin any New Moon work.  That's just me, you may choose differently.  The great thing about spellwork is that it's customizable!  One spell definitely doesn't fit all.  Of course there are guidelines and certain things you should pay attention to, depending upon the work you're doing, but most of all you need to make it your own.  One piece of valuable advice I received early on was " be sure to put you in it".  So I change words or items to suit me.  That way it's unique and mine.  Also it's a confidence builder to see you could change a little bit here and there and it's still powerful and it works.

My best thoughts today have been about belief.  One must believe in order for something to be true.  In my life I have called many things to myself.  Some good, some not so good.  But if I wanted it, I visualized it, I internalized it and then I worked on it and lo and behold it showed up. The laws of the Universe are equal. You can call good or bad things to yourself.  I truly believe in the phrase "thoughts become things".

I am looking forward to my Tarot card for this new cycle.  I just recently purchased the Universal Goddess Tarot deck and I am absolutely in love with it.  It's the most inspiring deck I've ever owned.  Below is one of my favorite cards - The Goddess Isis:

We will see what turns up, when the first beautiful sliver of  the Crescent New Moon, shows in the night sky. 

As always, I wish you Bright Blessings!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Three Year Anniversary!

Hail and Welcome!  It's the three year anniversary of Craft and Conjure.com!  I am skilled in the craft of Conjure and am available to assist you with your Spiritual needs.  Do you or a friend or a loved one need prosperity work?  Do you need help with cleansing or releasing a situation?  Does someone you know need spiritual protection?  Give me a call!  Check out my updated Conjure Services page,  http://www.craftandconjure.com/conjure_services  I am here to assist you!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Love of The Game

I love the game of baseball.  In particular I am an avid Rockies fan.  I enjoy going to the Game, getting a hot dog and a beer, and cheering for my team.  I love the songs at the 7th inning stretch and the fireworks games.  On my 50th birthday I got a baseball,  a "Todd Helton" shirt and "Happy Birthday Najah" on the electronic marquee. To me, Baseball is Americana at its finest.

I didn't always love baseball.  As a kid I was afraid of the ball, didn't play the game and was envious of the girls who could play softball.
In 1996 something changed.  The love of my life, my husband, took me to Coors Field to see the Rockies play, as one of our first dates.  We've been together almost 20 years.  Almost as long as the Rockies Baseball Team.  A dear couple friends of ours, also had their first date at Coors Field.  Baseball is romantic.

I've always enjoyed the baseball movies, such as "Major League", "Angels in the Outfield", "Field of Dreams", "A League of Their Own", and "Bingo Long and the Traveling All-Stars".  Who doesn't love cheering for the underdog Baseball player or team? 
Watching Bingo Long changed my life.  "Bingo Long" movie put Baseball in my heart.  A fitting tribute as today is "Jackie Robinson" day in baseball.  And who could forget "The Sandlot".  "The Sandlot" holds a special place in my heart.  It was a movie we never tired of watching with our son when he was a little boy, "Oooh, big doggy", and it's a film that one of my favorite Aunts had a hand in making.

We went to the Game today.  We got our Jackie Robinson #42, T'shirts, froze our asses off, since it began snowing and raining.  Usual weather for Springtime in the Rockies, but still no fun to sit out in.
We left at the 6th inning since The Rockies weren't doing so hot and it was getting cold out there!  But leaving early was a bummer, because I love the 7th inning stretch and all the songs we sing. Which is another reason why I love Baseball,  Its family oriented.  Kids, parents, grandparents are all at the game.  The Baseball players (hubba hubba) are all dressed nice and they wear great uniforms.
So, the season is just getting started.  I'm looking forward to more games with hubby and friends, sitting in the sunshine, hanging out and hopefully the Rockies will pull it together and we'll make it to playoffs.  Who knows, it could happen!