Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
Luna Bright, Full Moon Light!

Lullaby by Nox Arcana - Absolutely Lovely

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Powerful First Week of Spring 2013!

The first week of Spring has come to an end and what a rush it has been!  On Tuesday, March 19th, we celebrated Minerva's Day.  On my Priestess Najah Facebook page, you can see some wonderful photos of my visit to Bath, England and my photos of the Roman Baths.  It was here that I was introduced to the Goddess Minerva.  I had hoped upon traveling to England, I would be introduced to facets of the Goddess I had not yet known.  What a blessing it was to meet Goddess Minerva in her temple of Sulis Minerva, in Bath, England!

On Wednesday, March 20th, we welcomed Ostara and the first day of Spring.  I previously posted my Ostara altar and photos.  As we move past Ostara, I am grateful for those of us that keep the Wheel,  follow and acknowledge the turn of the seasons.  For years before I found my path to the Goddess, I always wondered, "what does a bunny and an egg have to do with Easter?".  I am grateful I no longer have those questions!

And on Friday, March 22nd, it was opening day at the Denver March Powwow!  The Denver March Powwow holds a very special place in my heart.  For years I attended the Powwow as a spectator, then for a few years I was blessed to be a vendor at the Powwow.  How special it was to arrive early and set up the booth, hang out and chat with other vendors, and dancers before the general public arrived.  Now I have returned to spectator mode and I'm having a great time. As a person who hails from Black and Cherokee ancestry, the Powwow holds special meaning for me.  My paternal Grandfather was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian.  In addition, while we follow paths of a European nature, the Powwow gives us the opportunity to be with and honor the Indigenous People of North America.  We have wonderful power, right here in the native soil of North America.   Below is a photo of the beautiful Denver March Powwow Grand Entry, followed by a video the Teen Girls Fancy Shawl dancing:

To end the week,  today (March 23, 2013), Mother Nature has sent Denver a wicked Spring Storm.

 I suppose we need to slow down a bit after such a busy week.  However I am grateful for the burst of life that comes with the first week of Spring. That's really what its about, right?!

Hope you are enjoying your first week of Spring.

Bright Blessings,
Priestess Najah

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hail and Welcome Ostara 2013!

Hail and Welcome Ostara!  Blessed be the Waxing Light and the turn of the Wheel.  We gratefully bid farewell to Winter and welcome Spring!  In the Southern Hemisphere our sisters and brothers bid welcome to the Autumn.

This morning it was a bit chilly here in a Denver, yet the Dawn came bursting forth with the call of a new day, a new season.  The birds are chirping, the flickers are drumming.  As this Ostara comes with the Waxing Moon, its a wonderful time to give thought to what one would like to increase and grow this season.

Ostara Altar of Priestess Najah

May you blessed with the brightest of blessings this season!

Priestess Najah

Monday, March 18, 2013

Irish Gratitude

I've long felt that Black people and Irish people share a common bond.  We share a love of fiddle music, we understand oppression in a way most people don't, and we're deeply religious people.  As a Pagan, I am grateful for the Old Religion of Irish ancestry.  Where would we be without the Celtic folklore, and the history and mystery of Ireland?  Many of the practices that are common in Paganism and Wicca come from the Irish, especially if you are one who follow the practices of the Druids or the Fey.  "Scratch the topsoil of Irish Christianity, and you come at once to the bedrock of paganism" - Janet and Stewart Farrar, "The Witches Bible".

Yesterday was St. Patrick's day.  Over the weekend many people including myself celebrated, by listening to great music, wearing green, and drinking large amounts of alcohol.  All things in moderation it was a great time, and I have deep gratitude for my true love, my hubby, who is a "Bagley" of Irish/Scottish descent.

Yesterday as we were celebrating, we were blessed to hear live fiddle music.  I love the sound of live fiddle music.  It speaks to me. 

It reaches down into my ole West Virgini roots and to the roots of my paternal Grandfather who was from Barton, Alabama.  Mind you I've never set one foot in Alabama, but I did have some wonderful family reunions in West Virigina.  Nobody ever played fiddle music that I can recall, but I do remember my Mom showing me how she could play the spoons once.  I also love Bluegrass and Irish music.  Recently I feel in love with the band, Civil Wars, who had unique folk, blues sound and recorded the awesome song, "Barton Hollow".  Unfortunately their band has broken up, but perhaps in the future they'll record some more great songs.  Even though I didn't grow up listening to this type of music, obviously one never gets too far from their roots!

In conclusion I gratefully raise a toast to the Irish!  Blessed Be their Culture, their Old Ways, and Spirit!

Priestess Najah

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A New Pope

Yesterday the Catholic World elected a new Pope. I watched the pagentry, pomp and circumstance with mixed emotions. 

I was glad to see the Catholic Church elect a Pope from Argentina.  My thoughts had been if the Catholic Church wants to keep moving ahead and growing, they should elect a Pope from lands where people live their faith and practice it.  In my mind that clearly was Latin America.  And that's what they did.  So bully for them. And that's where my enthusiasm ended.  Clearly I do not support a religion or way of life that is steeped in misogyny.

Next I wondered, would I ever live to see the day, where thousands of people are gathered on a hillside worshipping the Goddess, openly?  Would it make media coverage, would the World be rapt in awe as we honor Her presence, Her wisdom, Her ways?  Probably not. 

And it came to me this will not happen for many reasons, first and foremost being, we do not proselytize.  We don't seek to convert.  If you find us we are here, but we will not seek you out.  And it for this reason many of us are drawn to practice the Old Religion, Nature Religions, the Old Ways.  We don't actively seek to infringe our thoughts and beliefs upon others.  We simply seek to practice our ways, in peace.

It struck me odd that Catholicism is growing rapidly in Africa.  When I think of Africa, I think of the Motherland, there's that word "Mother" and of tribal ancient communities.  Why would Catholicism be taking root there?  However we know the power and the long arm of the Church and their missionaries are strong.  It made me a bit a sad to think of Africans in the Motherland coverting to Catholicism.

This morning my Earth Psalm prayer was a good one.  I use my Earth Psalms as an Oracle and I am always pleasantly surprised by what returns.  The ending line in today's prayer was "I await that day Goddess.  I will work and prepare for that day".

And so we continue to work and prepare the way.  Bit by bit little by little, we keep letting the World know we are here, and even more so, SHE is here.

Blessed Be Upon all Pagan, Witches, Believers, Priestesses and Priests, Everywhere.

Priestess Najah

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In Between Seasons

Hello Blogosphere!

Not much going in my realm.  It snowed here in Denver today, which was unexpected.  I hate it when the forecasters are off their game.

Its in between seasons or turns of the Wheel time.  I am anxiously awaiting Ostara, the Spring Equinox.  Personally I'm ready to be done with Winter.

For me these are the long days of winter, the months of February and March.  I noticed my last post was on Feb 10, 2013 so I've definitely been in my cave.

My latest Tarot spread turned up several cards that showed people waiting, including the Hanged Man.  And that's where I find myself, waiting...waiting for Spring, waiting for the energy of the Earth to quicken and flowers to blossom, longing for green leaves and sunny days.  Waiting for seeds that have been planted to begin blossoming.

As we wait for the Wheel to turn, may bright blessings be yours!

Priestess Najah