Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
Luna Bright, Full Moon Light!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Moon Conjure

Last month I missed the first silver crescent of the New Moon, due to the wildfires here in Colorado.  The sky was so cloudy that I didn't get to see the New Moon.  The first time I saw the Moon was when it was half-full and I was kinda bummed that I had missed the crescent.  Perhaps too, that is also why I had such an attack of the "Dark of The Moon Blues", because I missed the Crescent last month.

Thankfully this month the sky was clear and I intentionally went outside to view the Crescent.  I was rewarded by seeing the faintest sliver, hiding behind clouds.  I then knew I could begin my New Moon work. 

This cycle I had several candles to dress and fix.  Lots of people are in need, not to name a general need for all of my fellow Coloradans and everyone affected by the Aurora Shooting.

I laid all my candles out, gathered my herbs and oils and set to dressing and fixing them.  I love doing the work.  There is something very creative and healing about doing candle work.  I also dressed and fixed candles for my altars.  I light fresh candles on my altars on the New Moon and the Full Moon, and sometimes in-between, depending upon the work needed.

Here's to a New Moon cycle.  I wish you bright blessings upon your works and may they be successful ones!

Priestess Najah

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