Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
Luna Bright, Full Moon Light!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dark of The Moon Blues

I've got the "Dark of the Moon' Blues.  Add to that Mercury being in retrograde which strongly affects my sign of Gemini and no wonder I feel a little off kilter.

My life is so deeply tied to the Moon, that I know when She is gone from the sky and anxiously await the appearance of Her first silver Crescent.

When the first Crescent appears, I know I can begin to work my Conjure for increase and abundance of things I wish to bring into my life.  When the Moon is dark, I know it's time to wait.  Patience is needed and trust and faith, that the Moon will once again appear in the night sky.

Some use this time to go within and reflect.  It's also a good time for scrying if you're skilled in that art.  I recently used my scrying mirror I won at last year's auction, at the fabulous, first ever, New Orleans Witches Ball.  If you get the opportunity to attend the Ball, it is a must!  We shall return to the Ball in 2013.

So, I guess it's a time to be still and reflective, which is sometimes a hard task for a lively Gemini such as myself.  I guess it's the Yin/Yang of Gemini.  As lively as we can be, sometimes we can get melancholy, dark and brooding.  But I know new energy is just around the corner. 

Here's to the Dark of the Moon and quiet time.

Blessed Be,
Priestess Najah

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