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Full Moon Glory!
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Horror, Sadness - Century Theater, Aurora, Colorado

I live in Denver, Colorado.  I was here when Columbine happened and I was here yesterday, when I awoke to the news of the massacre at the Century Theater in Aurora, CO. 

Today I feel overwhelming sadness and grief.  Yesterday it was shock.  My soul and spirit at a loss, for words or comfort.  Of course I prayed.  I prayed and lit candles.  I vascillated between not listening to the news and being unable to tear myself away from it.

None of my family or friends were there.  Yet they were all my family and friends.  This is my city, my home, my town and my grief is such as if I was there.  I have been to that theater, sat in those seats.  I can barely comprehend what has happened.  I still sit in horror that we are being held hostage by the explosives in the shooter's apartment.  Evil.  The face of pure evil has presented itself. 

The degrees of separation are small.  My co-worker's son and daughter have 2 friends in critical condition from the shooting.  He came to work with red eyes as they had had such little sleep, anxiously awaiting news.  We're all trying to cope.  Coping as we know how through, faith, prayer, anger, disbelief, acceptance and back through it all again.

I have no great words of advice or direction.  I don't understand it and for that too I am grateful.  I don't want to understand it.  Understanding such horror means to me I have some type of relevance for the situation and I do not.

I'm very grateful for the country's response.  Flags flown at half staff, prayers, tweets, Facebook posts.  We need all of it.

Blessed Be, So Mote It Be.

Priestess Najah

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