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Full Moon Glory!
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blame it on the Craft

A&E's "Paranormal State". Why do I watch such crap?

One because I'm bored, the other because I find it "entertaining". However this last show got my blood boiling. A man with a pentagram tattooed on his arm that used to practice "Witchcraft" takes credit for calling up a "shadow demon" in Circle, then everybody freaks, and have been tormented ever since. Give me a f*$!ing break! Then the shows producers and the family start to calling it a seance. Then they say, well do you think this happened because you broke the Circle? So to "heal" the family they call on Jesus Christ, everybody sits around a table and clasps hands together and now it's "magically gone" and everyone is happy.
I find the entire show blasphemous and irresponsible. Complete and utter nonsense. And who knows, maybe he did call up something dark and freaky from his own mind(!) But to blame it on Witchcraft is awful.

Let me state it for the record, right here and right now - Circle is SACRED!  It's a place where Witches, Pagans, come to worship and honor the Goddess and the God.  It's not a place where one calls up dark forces or entities, or WHATEVER.  Circle is a sacred place where we touch our Divinity and are healed and blessed, just like Christians do when they go to Church and pray.  It's no different.  The same feelings of reverence and beauty and love exist, except maybe we're out in Nature -hopefully, or we're in someone's home or backyard.

I love being in Circle.  It fills my heart and lifts my soul.  Shame, shame on A&E's "Paranormal State".  I for one will be finding a new show watch, from now on, when I'm bored.

End Trans 1/24/10

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