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Full Moon Glory!
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Japan 2010!

I'll be 50 years old in May.  As a good friend said today "what???!".  I know it's hard for me to believe it too, and with that said I've decided to let the gray that so vigorously wants to stay in my hair, stay.  But that's a whole 'nother story.

I've been obsessed with Japan and all things Japanese since I was a child.  I attribute a lot of this to going to elementary school in LA, with a lot of Japanese children.  Not to mention the huge influence of Japanese and Chinese culture in California itself.  I have great memories of eating in Japanese restaurants with tatami mats, and rooms secluded by bamboo screens.  And I love Japanese and Chinese food.  I am definitely a ramen addict and could eat Thai food, Japanese food and Chinese food all day, every day.  I'm beginning to drool now, just thinking about the cuisine.

SO, what about this trip to Japan?  In my life that is the magickal mystery tour of Najah, I have always felt that it was part of my destiny to visit Japan.  Something larger than just a visit calls me there.  My eyes ache to see a Geisha as she slips down an alley, going about her business for the evening.  My heart longs to see Mt. Fuji.  And I can hardly wait to take a ride on the bullet train.
I long to see a temple shrouded in mist, and walk the steps to sacred sites.  My body aches for the release of a Japanese hot spring.  And the doll, there's a Japanese porcelain doll just waiting for me in lacquered black box.  I just know it.

It took me a while to decide on the best time to visit, as my heart had been set on visiting during Cherry Blossom festival time.  But then I happened upon photos of Japan in autumn, and my breath was taken away.  The beauty of the Japanese Maples and the still beauty of the temples in autumn,  is beyond description.  So, I've decided to visit Japan in the fall.

As I began to approach 50, several months ago, I said to myself, how am I ever going to get to Japan, if I don't take myself there?  Can I really do it?  This is one of the soul things I'm meant to do, but will I really do it?  So, a few years back I got my passport. And then about a year ago I started saving.  There were lots of stops and starts, but I did it.  Today I made my deposit to my Japan savings account, so now I can buy my tickets!! Whoo-hooo!

I've been blessed to make a blog pal, who is living in Kyoto, attending the University of Japan.  I found her blog as I was googling for pictures of Japan.  Below is a link to one of her photos, that sums up all my feelings and what I hope to see when I'm there.  I hope to post soon that I've purchased my tickets!

Enjoy - http://www.flickr.com/photos/hollywood_north/2253989346

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