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Full Moon Glory!
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Teeth Pain - Again

My love/hate relationship with the dentist continues topping out with whopping pain in the left side of my face.  A serious cold came on, adding to the throbbing, blinding, headache pain I have, whether I turn my head, left or right, or move it up and down.
Is it the dentist's fault?  Do I blame them.  Nah.  I'm grown-up enough to know I needed to go to the dentist, but I'm sad I'm suffering from pain that wasn't there before I went.  I appreciate they saw me right away and prescribed me antibiotics - although I'm hoping it doesn't give me that girl side affect, the women know what I'm talking about, and pain meds.  Have you ever noticed how teeth pain gets your attention?
So, I'm home bound, snuggled in and medicated, and hopeful by tomorrow it will truly be a brand new day.

End Trans 1/07/10

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