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Full Moon Glory!
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Prayers For Haiti

I belong to a great group on the web.  It's called MyHoodooSpace and it's provided courtesy of Dr.Kioni.com

There are many in this group who have deep religious ties to Haiti.  Of these beautiful people I have asked for a prayer.  This prayer touched my heart, and with the author's permission, I gladly share it here:

"Papa Legba, Antibon, Father of a Nacion du 'Ayti
The roads are covered Papa, the paths a blocked
Only you, Papa can clear the road. Lend your hand Papa,
Lend your hand to those whose hands toil for the preservation of your land
Lend your hand to those who are desolate and are lost
Lend your hand to those who are far from their Spiritual home
Lend your hand to 'Ayiti, and to all those who are of 'Ayiti that the roads and paths may be soon cleared
That a new day may come in 'Ayiti
Let it be known that it comes from God, through your hand Papa
Hear the cry of the children of Ginen and Lend your hand
Nou tout sen yo - we are all one
Ayibobo! Ayibobo! Papa Legba Antibon, Legba vye, Ayibobo!

This is my prayer ... feel free to use it, change it or ignore it, but this is what my heart is praying over and over right now for 'Ayiti, for it's people, and for all of us that have our soul and our gwo bon anj tied to that land."
by H'oungan Liam

I am learning a lot about Haiti and it's religions.  I thank H'oungan Liam for sharing this prayer from his heart, and for the power, strength, and peace I feel when I pray it.  As an open-minded person, I feel I can pray this prayer and let it be.  May you too feel its strength, comfort, and promise of hope.

End Trans 1/22/10

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