Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
Luna Bright, Full Moon Light!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Halloweening We Go!

This is Bob.  He's our resident ghoul:

He's absolutely ecstatic it's Halloween time!  He loves hanging out and greeting everyone and wishing them happy hauntings!

I love Halloween. 

When the wind blows and the leaves rustle, I feel whispers nudging me.  The light is changing, the dark is darker.  Shadows seem to move.  Trees seem to wave secrets.  The twilight calls. 

This year on Halloween proper, I intend to light a fire and sit.  Chill out by the fire with a nice glass of mead and listen to the night.  Hopefully we'll get some kids stopping for candy.  I always get a little nostalgic for Halloween as it was, when I was a kid.  Before the time when you had to take your kids to a "trick or treat street" or a specific place for trick or treating.  We just used to dress up and set out!  We had such a great time going from door to door, the neighborhood just crawling kids trick or treating.  It was a special time and I'm glad I was a kid before it changed.

We're lucky to live in an established neighborhood with neighbors that know us and bring their kids by.  I get such a thrill when the door bell rings and there are little monsters and goblins on my steps!

I've already watched one of my favorite movies, "Practical Magic".  By the time Halloween rolls around I'll have watched "Poltergeist" the first one, "Hocus Pocus" and of course "The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I'm also looking forward to attending one of the great Witches' Balls in the city.

A Happy Halloweening we go!

Priestess Najah :)

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