Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Bucket, A Mop and A Broom

In the early hours of the dark of the morning, I move silently through my home.  I wash the floors, smoke the space and carry a candle.  I'm performing my house cleansing, an act I repeat on a regular basis.

I was taught this procedure by the one of the best, cat yronwode.  Several years ago I studied with her and completed her Hoodoo and Rootwork correspondence course.  It changed my life and was one of the best studies I have ever undertaken.

Cleansing my home on a regular basis takes me into all the nooks, crannies and spaces that one may not ever touch.  In our busy lives its hard to slow down and wash down your floors, windows and rooms.  Who has that type of time any more?  Yet each cycle I find myself drawn to the ritual even though physically I may not feel up to it.  But Spiritually it has become such an ingrained act, that I awaken and go through process, called to it from a Higher Place.

Its good to routinely cleanse your home, space, office or business on a regular basis.  Things build up.  Arguments happen, funk gathers, people may be in your space that you don't particularly want to return.  Over time this can have a cumlative negative effect on the Spiritual sanctity of your space.  And to add further to it, if you practice Magick, you definitely want to be cleansing your space on a regular basis.

When I arise in the dark, lit only by candle, moving by stealth through my home, I connect to the Old Ways.  A spirit arises in my soul that lifts me to another world and I love the feeling.  Not to mention how wonderful my home smells and feels when the cleansing is done.  When its complete I can rest assured for another cycle, my home is cleansed, blessed and protected.

With all the muck that we go through in our world, a practice of routine cleansing is essential.

Here's to all your works and may they be successful ones.

Priestess Najah

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