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Full Moon Glory!
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Oh, To Be In Salem"

Today Laurie Cabot of the Cabot Hermetic Temple in Salem, MA, posted a photo on Facebook, of their new High Priestesses:

This photo made me happy and it also made me sad. 
I am happy to see The Craft is strong and practiced and celebrated and revered by such wonderful people. Sad because that type of ceremony and guidance was what I thought I would find when I set out on the path many years ago. Sad that what I see in the picture seems not to be the norm of the experience of a modern day Witch. These Witches and High Priestesses are thrice blessed to have Laurie Cabot and her training as part of their path.

I've been to Salem twice.  It's what I thought it would be, cobblestone streets in the old part, Witch Stores, Craft stores, cemeteries, and history.  I'm sure most of us know the history of Salem and the Witch Trials.  And being a modern day Witch, I know that Salem also has its unfortunate share of Witch Wars.  But none of this matters to me.  To me Salem is my pilgrimage for all things Witchy and what I love about practicing the Craft.

When I set out on my path many years ago, I thought I would find what is captured in the picture above.  I thought I'd find a teacher, a coven, a group to hold me, guide me, direct me.  What I found was lies and deceit.  I had a teacher for while, and for reasons only the Goddess knows our relationship came to an abrupt end.  I was forced to dig deep into my own soul, to know in my heart my path and continue on.  And Blessed Be I did.

But being solitary is sometimes a lonely path, especially for a social person like me.  I have come to know the value of a good mentor in one's life.  I have come to deeply appreciate teachers of integrity.  I have been blessed to find a wonderful community with whom to celebrate the Seasons and Full Moons.  But when it comes to a deep teacher relationship in regards to the Craft, I'm on my own. Perhaps this is part of my mystery, my journey.  I can honestly say the burn I received many years ago, still stings at my heart, especially when I see pictures like the one above.  Perhaps too, it's similar to the burn a lot of practicing Witches feel when they seek to come out and practice their faith in the open.  It's not too far back in history where we were persecuted for our beliefs and in some parts of the country and the world, we still are.

I seek to take the hope I see in the photo, the happiness in their faces and carry it into my own life and practice.  May we all be thrice blessed.

Blessed Be,
Priestess Najah 

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