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Full Moon Glory!
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Lilith Awakens on True Blood

"Blessed Lilith, Primordial Mother, She who hath been banished.  She whom is hidden, lying in wait for our consciousness to remember, to know we were created as whole, as powerful, not to be subordinate, but as equals, as the Great Living Mother who gives life unto all."

Lilith has awakened on True Blood.  I'm a True Blood fan, dipped in the waters of Conjure and Magick, and one of my truly favorite places, New Orleans.

Not one to be a spoiler I won't go into details about Lilith and her character on True Blood.  But I will say this, the writers have done their homework.  Lilith is present and she will not be ignored.

Perhaps the mainstream know their religious history and perhaps not.  As a child I went to a private Baptist elementary school.  The Bible was part of our daily curriculum.  No where in those teachings did I ever hear of or learn about Lilith.  Not until I came to the path of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine did I learn about Lilith.

One of my most beloved books is "The Witches' Goddess" by Janet and Stewart Farrar.  The Witches' Goddess gives detailed history on the history of Goddess worship and devotes entire chapters to prominent Goddesses, such as Isis, Ishtar, Ma'at and Lilith, just to name a few.  Truly a book no practicing Witch, Pagan, or Practitioner of the Old Ways, should be without.

From the chapter on Lilith:

"The disturbing Lilith...being the most dangerous and subversive threat to the established male order, was buried in the furthest depths of Hebrew unconscious. ~ Jean Markale

...As recorded in the Talmud, Adam's first wife was Lilith...but Lilith refused to subordinate herself to Adam or the male God - even physically: when Adam insisted Lilith always lie beneath him during intercourse, she quarreled with him, flew up into the air and vanished.

It is significant that...Lilith (is) condemned to become (a) night-owl, perfect symbol for the dark-side magic of the feminine principle, of which patriarchy is terrified.

Doreen Valiente (An ABC of Witchcraft, pp. 225-6) sums up the accepted picture of her as 'the archetypal seductress, the personification of the dangerous feminine glamour of the moon.  Like Hecate is visualized as an old crone, Lilith is instead the the enticing sorceress, the beautiful vampire, the femme fatale. '

Lilith the True Mother of All Living must be reacknowledged - so that she and Eve can become one again. "

Years ago I attended Sara McLachlan's Lilith Fair.  I had a great time.  The fair was dedicated to Women and it raised over 10 million dollars for charity.  I purchased a CD from the fair and played it over and over until it skipped.  I was captivated by the beauty, power and strength of the Women's songs.  At that time, never did it occur to me to learn who Lilith really was.

One of my favorite quotes is  "The Goddess is Alive and Magick is Afoot".  It would appear with the popularity of such shows as "True Blood", She is indeed making a resurgence.  The word "Goddess" is becoming commonplace now.  I even see it in TV commercials.  Is this all just coincidence?  I think not.  I truly feel in my heart the Wheel is turning and I am grateful to be here in this time, in this moment.

Blessed Be,
Priestess Najah

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