Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ostara, Drums and Snow

Its the Spring Equinox on Saturday.  I've been looking through my magickal texts for tips on decorating my altar.  Even though I change the altar for each Sabbat, so it's something I do often, I still enjoy leafing through my texts, seeing if something new catches my eye.  Tonight I found myself looking through one of my favorites, Ed Fitch's "A Grimore of Shadows".  I love this book.  I found it in my favorite, dusty, used bookstore.  The pages are yellowed and its an original copy.  It screams Witch.  It has wonderful pen and ink illustrations, and its pretty well thought out.

Not only is it the Spring Equinox, its also Pow-Wow weekend.  I can feel the Pow-Wow coming.  I can hear the jingle-jangle of the Fancy Dancers and see the Elders in their beautiful regalia.  I can hardly wait to hear the Master of Ceremonies say "Everybody Dance! Its InterTribal Time".  I love the Pow-Wow.  It reaches down into my ancestry and connects me to the past and gives me glimpses into the future.  I always purchase one special item.  I let it call to me, so I know it when I see it.

Also on Saturday there's a big Ostara party, that goes all night long.  There'll friends and ritual and dancing and music, and we'll all have a blast.  I swear it seems the calendar just waits for this weekend.  So many things going on at once!  Thankfully I'll have Monday off to rest and recuperate.
Oh, and of course, we'll have SNOW!  Yep, the last blast of winter and the first wet of Spring is about to descend upon us.  Wouldn't be Colorado without a freaky turn in the weather.  Today it was 68 degrees, tomorrow it will 30.  Good thing I always have my snow boots ready.

End Trans 3/18/10

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