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Full Moon Glory!
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

One Bad Apple

I have an iphone.  I love my iphone.  It's guided me safely in foreign cities, kept me twittering and sending emails, recorded my voice memos, and given me some cool apps to play.  Based on my iphone love, I felt I was ready to leave the world of Microsoft and purchase an iMac.  I felt like a traitor when I did it and I have since come to regret my decision!

I was lured in by the slick, sleek, design of the computer.  There's no tower, no cpu box to junk up your home office.  And the 21" screen is amazing, and the colors, ooh they're so pretty.  We bought our iMac on 1/31/10 and up until today I couldn't the @#$!!!ing thing to print!  What good is a computer if you can't get it to print?!!  I was unable and completely flabbergasted by the inability to set up my wireless printer!  Which by the way ran perfectly on my Windows based machines.

The support from Apple is quick, and responsive but in the end, they pointed fingers to the printer manufacturer.  At this point I really miss my clunky, beat-up laptop with the duct-tape covering a spot, that sat too close to a light, and just kept on working, machine.

Oh, I figured out the printer.  I am not one to be denied by *&^@# machine.  But it wasn't from Apple helping me, it was my own tenacity, tightly honed from working in IT that spurred me on.  But now the fax won't work.  UGH.

And get this, Apple support tried to SELL ME an extended warranty when I called them for support.  Now that's guts.  I kindly told them if I couldn't get the machine to print, it was no more than a paperweight, and I was interested in purchasing anything else.  The guy said "that sounds reasonable".

So for all it's slick hi-tech image, I have grown nostalgic for my old Windows based, virus susceptible, patch laden machine.  At least it prints, and it didn't take me 5 weeks to set it up!!

End Trans 03/14/10

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