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Full Moon Glory!
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Changes In Friendships

My friendships mean the world to me.  As a child I didn't have very many friends.  We moved a lot, and it was hard for me to sustain long term relationships with kids.

As an adult I've been blessed to love and lose friendships.  I say blessed because I've known the pain of a lost friendship, which means I've had friendships that when they were no longer, it broke my heart.

A week ago, my best girl from college, came and stayed the night with me.  She lives in California and I hadn't seen her in 8 years.  We had such a great time together.  Time seemed to fly by.  There's nothing better than yacking it up with your best girls.  I call it Women Time.  Talking about anything and everything, stop, take a breath, and talk some more.   Best thing ever.

And then one of my dear friends let me know I was doing something she didn't like.  "OW".  Its hard for me to say, I'm glad she told me, cause it hurt when she said it, and knocked me back a pace, but I am glad she told me.
I'm glad she valued our friendship enough to say something and not let my actions sit and seethe inside her, something I find we as women are very good at doing.  I'm also glad she told me because I would be so hurt to have learned a behavior that could be easily corrected, was never addressed, and she just left me in  a huff.  You know how we can be.  One moment we're there and then your girl is gone.  No explanation, nothing. Just a big ball of hurt where your friend used to be.

So, I'm humbled and having growing pains, but it's a good thing.  The journey continues to unfold.

End Trans 2/15/10

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