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Full Moon Glory!
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stink, Stank, Stunk

Those are the feelings I'm left with after seeing the "Lovely Bones" at Harkins Northfield Theatres.  I won't be a movie spoiler, let's just say I give it a thumbs down.  I really wanted to like it, it was directed by Peter Jackson, and had some of my favorite actors in it - Susan Sarandon, Raschel Weisz.  But it just never came together, for us.

But the real reason for the stink, stank, stunk, was the group of little bitches that laughed out loud, talked out loud, got and up and down from their seats, god knows how many times, and sat in the very front row of the theatre.  In addition there was the woman who answered her cell phone, who sat next to me, then there was the theatre staff that tried to quietly assert their presence in the theatre, by standing obnoxiously next to the wall.  Add to that the other theatre staffer who came in with a clipboard and appeared to be taking some type of stats, and oh yeah, the baby that coughed and sputtered throughout the entire film.  All this for the glorious price of $9.50 per person!

As fate would have it, I walked out next to the little bitches, and one of them said "I want my money back".  Well, that was it, and I told them how much I had enjoyed being in the movie with them.  That conversation led to a confrontation in the hallway, and I recall the word "mama' being thrown around.

Its sad that an adult can't go to the movies anymore and not be submitted to the rude behavior of somebody else's kids.  Its awful people can't leave their cell phones in their pocket or purse for the duration of a film.
I continue to go to the theatre because I like the big screen and the popcorn, and the experience of going out to the movies.  But after tonight it will probably be a while before I plop down 10 bucks again for a movie.

End Trans 2/6/10

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