Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

City Life - Not So Much

I've just returned from a glorious vacation to South Fork, CO, with my husband and our little dog.  We followed our favorite highway, Hwy 285 to Hwy 160 and into the town of South Fork, CO.

For many years I've gotten the towns of South Park and South Fork confused.  Lots of folks recognize "South Park" from the cartoon, but the town of South Fork is something completely different, and much farther away from the city of Denver.

I've lived in Colorado my entire adult life and have been blessed to crisscross travel, its mountainous terrain several times.  And each time I cross over the Western Slope, I never want to return.  We are so blessed that just 30 minutes away from Denver, you can see the Continental Divide and a few hours later, you can be in some of the most beautiful, pristine wilderness on planet Earth.

As this was our first trip to South Fork, we weren't exactly sure what to expect.  What we found completely exceeded our expectations.  We found a quiet town, sitting on the Rio Grande River.  We found the quaint, jaw-dropping beautiful towns of Creede and Lake City.  We followed the trail of the infamous Alferd Packer, Colorado's Cannibalist and sat in the Restless Spirits Saloon and had a shot of whiskey.

We bowed in reverence when to our delight we stood at the headwaters of the Rio Grande River.

We walked in grateful silence in the quiet mornings and watched the Sun rise.  We sat in stillness and listened to the water of Mother Earth flow:

Each morning I rose and faced the four directions and greeted the dawn with reverence.  Nature opened her arms to us and we fell into Her.

I was born in the city.  I've lived my entire life in the city.  And yet every time I get away to the mountains, spend quiet evenings in a cabin by a fire, rise early and walk in the meadows, something deep, deep, inside me relaxes and acknowledges that I'm truly in my right place. 
The City with its constant challenges is really starting to lose its appeal.  Perhaps its because I'm getting older and I need a slower pace.  Maybe its because my Pagan Spirit needs a mountain town to truly bloom.  But one thing is certain, Nature is calling and tugging at my heart.  I'm open to any and all avenues for change.  The Wheel is turning in my life.

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