Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
Luna Bright, Full Moon Light!

Lullaby by Nox Arcana - Absolutely Lovely

Monday, September 16, 2013

13 Goddesses

We just passed September, Friday the 13th!
That day I felt the power of thirteen powerful Goddesses.  Below are thirteen powerful Goddesses whose energy and Spirit, coursed through me that day.
Two of them are not "Goddesses" per se, but this list would be incomplete without them:

Goddess Lilith - the primordial one.  She who refused to lay beneath Adam! 
Goddess Kali Ma - Destroyer, Creator!
Goddess Freya - Warrior Priestess for whom Friday is named! 
Goddess Hecate - Keeper of the Crossroads, send your hounds! 
Goddess Sehkmet - Great fierce lion-headed Queen! 
Goddess Isis - Great Mother of All!
Goddess Cerridwen - Dark Mother of the Cauldron! 
Goddess Oya - Powerful African Mother of Storms! 
Goddess Minerva - Great One of Battle, War and Water! 
Goddess Bellona - She who shall not be conquered! 
Goddess Persephone - She who conquered the Underworld! 
Marie LeVeau - Great Hoodoo Queen of Conjure! 
Tituba - Dark and Powerful soul sister of Magick! 

On Friday the 13th, while I was listening to my favorite dark and powerful band, Nox Arcana, these words came: 

Thirteen Goddesses at the door.
Lilith, Hecate, Oya and several more. 

Battered, bloodied and bruised,
I bow before them. 

Crawling on my hands and knees
I stand before the Goddesses of the Dark. 

Hear my cries,
Hear my pleas,

Oh great Goddesses 
I am on my knees! 

You survived,
You overcame .

Help me,
In my time of crisis,
To do the same! 

"Daughter of Light,
Of powerful, fierce, and loathsome Night. 

Do not crawl.
The light is brightest after the fall. 

We know the darkness of which you speak,
We too were cast down amongst the meek.

Our way is not for the timid or small. 
Your Power is magnificent,
Stand brave and tall. 

The small-minded,
And shallow,
Shall always try,
To belittle the ones,
Who are made to fly. 

Hear the Raven,
The Magpie,
And Hawk.

Pierce the sky, 
Stand tall and walk. 

Do not fear,
What you cannot see,
We are with you,
So Mote It Be!" 

The season of the Witch is upon us.  I've taken to wearing a bracelet of tiny skulls.  I like it.  The number 13 is powerful and magickal.  May we embrace the power of the Goddess, remember Her and keep Her ways.  Blessed Be.

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