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Full Moon Glory!
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Little Coffins

I am a True Blood Truebie.  Love it, love it, love it and can hardly wait for Season 6 to begin on Sunday.

Tonight on Twitter, TrueBlood@HBO was asking us to post our "bad thing" with the hashtag #badthing.

I tweeted,  "I keep little coffins around just in case I need them for a spell".  Which got me thinking why do I keep little coffins around and what type of spell work would I use them for?  Why do I find peace in cemeteries? 

I do enjoy cemeteries.  Always have.  And I do find them peaceful.  Sometimes I just like to stroll through cemeteries.  I like to read the headstones and see what kind of life a person may have had.  I like to see how loved ones construct tombs to their dearly departed.  So much knowledge can be gained by hanging out in a cemetery.

And the little coffins, what about their use?  Little coffins come in handy for getting rid of stuff that no longer serves you, or things you want to let go of and bury.  These things may be bad habits, thoughts, mistakes or feelings.  Little coffins are also symbols for the turn of the Wheel and the season of Samhain and Halloween.  They symbolize those who have crossed over and that are our own coffins are waiting for us as well, if you can think in those terms.  They remind me that life is fleeting and fragile, and that we can go at any moment.  So yes, I like little coffins and I find them to be very useful magickal symbols.

Priestess Najah

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