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Full Moon Glory!
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Love of The Game

I love the game of baseball.  In particular I am an avid Rockies fan.  I enjoy going to the Game, getting a hot dog and a beer, and cheering for my team.  I love the songs at the 7th inning stretch and the fireworks games.  On my 50th birthday I got a baseball,  a "Todd Helton" shirt and "Happy Birthday Najah" on the electronic marquee. To me, Baseball is Americana at its finest.

I didn't always love baseball.  As a kid I was afraid of the ball, didn't play the game and was envious of the girls who could play softball.
In 1996 something changed.  The love of my life, my husband, took me to Coors Field to see the Rockies play, as one of our first dates.  We've been together almost 20 years.  Almost as long as the Rockies Baseball Team.  A dear couple friends of ours, also had their first date at Coors Field.  Baseball is romantic.

I've always enjoyed the baseball movies, such as "Major League", "Angels in the Outfield", "Field of Dreams", "A League of Their Own", and "Bingo Long and the Traveling All-Stars".  Who doesn't love cheering for the underdog Baseball player or team? 
Watching Bingo Long changed my life.  "Bingo Long" movie put Baseball in my heart.  A fitting tribute as today is "Jackie Robinson" day in baseball.  And who could forget "The Sandlot".  "The Sandlot" holds a special place in my heart.  It was a movie we never tired of watching with our son when he was a little boy, "Oooh, big doggy", and it's a film that one of my favorite Aunts had a hand in making.

We went to the Game today.  We got our Jackie Robinson #42, T'shirts, froze our asses off, since it began snowing and raining.  Usual weather for Springtime in the Rockies, but still no fun to sit out in.
We left at the 6th inning since The Rockies weren't doing so hot and it was getting cold out there!  But leaving early was a bummer, because I love the 7th inning stretch and all the songs we sing. Which is another reason why I love Baseball,  Its family oriented.  Kids, parents, grandparents are all at the game.  The Baseball players (hubba hubba) are all dressed nice and they wear great uniforms.
So, the season is just getting started.  I'm looking forward to more games with hubby and friends, sitting in the sunshine, hanging out and hopefully the Rockies will pull it together and we'll make it to playoffs.  Who knows, it could happen!

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