Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
Luna Bright, Full Moon Light!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Magick Takes Time

I've been waiting for the Crescent Moon to appear in the sky.  I'm always keenly aware of the dark of the Moon, noticing and tracking on an intuitive level when the Moon is no longer visible.  As always, my first glimpse of the Crescent Moon was awe-inspiring.  When I see the waxing Crescent Moon, I'm childlike, gasping as if someone just gave me a great surprise.  I know the Moon waxes and wanes every month, but each month, when She appears new in the night sky, it's a surprise, a gift I never tire of opening.

Also, when the Moon is new and the Crescent is seen, it's also a cue to me that I can start working magick again. Through my studies and training, I do not begin new works when the Moon is dark.  Notice I said " I don't begin" new works.  There have many times where I may continuing a work while the Moon was waning, but I definitely don't start new works, until I see the Crescent Moon in the sky.

One of the most important elements of spellwork is having patience.  One needs to have the skill and ability to wait and use timing to ensure a successful outcome to a spell or work.  I get so many calls from people who want something immediately or the situation for which they need help is upcoming in a few days.  I find most people don't understand magick takes time.  As much as we would all love to be "Bewitched" and twinkle our noses and have instant results, a magickal worker must prep, plan, prepare and then work.

This cycle I waited to read my cards for the New Moon to Full Moon.  I pulled them early this morning as the night was fading and dawn was arriving.  I was still in a deep dream state, so I'm still integrating the message.  I also dressed and fixed and lit a candle on one of the several altars I tend.  It makes me happy to see the candles lit.  Its a good feeling.

As the Moon continues to Wax, I wish you all good works.  This is a time to be used for increasing and calling things to you which you need.

As always I wish you bright blessings!

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