Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Let's Get Witchy!

 The Witches have kicked off the Holiday Season.  I'm writing this blog post as lightning is cracking in the sky and the wind is blowing.  Its good to be a Witch!

The above photo was taken on Saturday, October 12, 2013 as I was on my way to Denver's second Pagan Pride Day!  Not only did I attend Pagan Pride, I also taught a class called "Crossroads Magick". I am grateful to Melanie Marquis, organizer of Denver's Pagan Pride for spearheading the event, now in its second year, which was a blast, and for giving me the opportunity to teach.  Perhaps more of these opportunities are in my future!

Back to the Season of the Witch!  TV is bursting with Witchy shows, none of them really to my liking, although I love seeing Witches portrayed on TV and in film. What saddens me is television and media never address the sacredness of the Goddess, and if you follow me on Facebook, you may have already read how I feel about that subject. 

Thinking about the sacredness of the Goddess and this time of year, it is so awesome there are so many events to celebrate our Witchyness!  Balls and events abound.  I know New Orleans will be kicking off their Witches Ball.  I was so happy to attend in 2011 and maybe next year, we'll be able to return.
Denver will hold 2 Witches Balls, one at the Mercury Cafe and one at the Masonic Temple.  I am very much looking forward to attending the Ball at the Masonic Temple.  For the past two years, the Ball was held in another location and we're all happy it will be back at the Masonic Temple.  I've been attending the Witches Ball at the Masonic Temple, now in its 22nd year, for longer than I can remember.

And of course there is Halloween night and Samhain ritual.  At Samhain we honor our Ancestors and loved ones who have crossed the veil, to the Other Side.  Its an important night and ritual.  In our society we simply do not honor our dead.  An exception to this, is the celebrations of All Soul's Day, which does address death, but from a very different perspective.  Outside of All Soul's Day, there is our one time funeral for our loved ones, and Memorial Day for the Military.

I believe strongly in ritual and feel its one of the things deeply lacking in our culture.  To me, the monsters and goblins of Halloween are an expression of our fear of death and the unknown.  Although I do enjoy good costumes and children trick or treating!
Samhain sheds a light on death, brings it to the forefront and places it in its rightful place.  I practice the Dumb Supper at Samhain, where a place is set at our table for our loved ones who have crossed over.  Many cultures honor their Dead, including the wonderful celebrations of El Dia De Los Muertos.

In addition to Samhain ritual, if you're even remotely aware you can feel magick is afoot and a change is in the air.  One can just tell the atmosphere is changing and is charged with an otherworldy sense.  Samhain is also a great time for divination.  I can hardly wait to see what the cards hold.

Wishing you a wonderful Witchy Season,
Blessed Be,
Priestess Najah

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