Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sparrow In a Box

Yesterday as I rose with thoughts of preparing for Lammas, I found an injured sparrow in my yard. Its hurt little body touched my heart. I was saddened and conflicted, as I had rose in happy thought mode, to celebrate Lammas and give thanks for all which I have received.

So I did what I could for the sparrow. I picked it up and gently put it in a box filled with mulch. I added some water in a shallow dish, and the same seed which they love to eat, from my feeder. I vacillated between constantly checking on it and leaving it alone, moving its rescue home into the shade, when the Sun got too hot.

Later in the day, when I made another check it didn't look too good. Earlier in the day, it had managed to get around in the box, but now its body was in a horrible contorted position. Something told me it wasn't going to make it.
I decided to take it out of the box and put it back under the tree, where I'd found it earlier. I prayed to the Goddess to watch over it and for me to accept Her will, as She truly is Mother of All Living Things. But I didn't want to see it suffer. Poor little thing.

Before darkness fell, I checked on it again. Its little body was fluttering in the mulch. Oh my heart. There was nothing else I could do. I said more prayers and went forward with lighting our Lammas candle and breaking bread.

I thought about the little sparrow out there in the night, and sent good thoughts its way. I hoped I wouldn't dream of dead sparrows.

This morning, my writing muses called me early. I woke up, got settled in and began to put words on the page. And lo and behold, what did I see outside my window? THE SPARROW!

It was alive! It lived! It had made it from the tree all the way across the yard. I went out to it and it actually cocked its head to my voice. I sat with it, put out a little water and seed, which it didn't drink or eat, but that was okay. It knew I was trying to help it.

I watched it take stronger and stronger steps. And then it attempted flight only to fall from the sky and hit the picnic table. Oh MY HEART. Watching it trying to fly and then fall, is beyond my words to describe. Is this how Mother Nature feels?

It was stunned. But it shook it off and a bit later tried to fly again. This time it made to a branch.  I checked on it a bit later. It was no where to be seen. Apparently lift and take off was a success. Hurray!

Such a blessing as the Wheel turns. My heart is filled with gratitude to have been able to help and for the trust the little sparrow put in me. I actually shed a few tears when it took off.

Blessed Be is the Great Mother. Blessed be are we.

Here's a photo of my little friend:

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