Full Moon Glory!

Full Moon Glory!
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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Fellowship of Paganism

May is right around the corner and I'm getting ready for Beltania.  Not just me, but a whole host of like-minded people are planning, preparing and thinking about one of the biggest outdoor Pagan festivals of the year, held here in Colorado. There will be music, dancing, singing, laughing, trancing, workshops, national authors and much more.

Each morning as I arise and face the Dawn, my thoughts turn to upcoming festival.  I think about how wonderful it will be to fellowship with my fellow Pagans, Witches, Believers and first-timers to a Pagan festival.  I can see the fires burning and hear the drums drumming.  In my mind's eye, I see smiles on faces and hear laughter in voices.  And I feel Her presence as She smiles upon us as we remember Her and Him and celebrate the ways of Nature.

Fellowship is very important. There are many of us who are solitary and even for those of us who belong to organized covens or groups, the chance to gather in fellowship in Nature, is a welcome and necessary rite.  As Pagans, we don't have Buildings or Churches that we regularly gather in to meet, Nature is our Temple.  Although I will say, my group, Living Earth has been blessed to acquire a physical space.  We hold open rituals, celebrations and workshops there on a regular basis.

But Beltania is so much more.  It is truly a reverent, mystical, fun-filled four days.  I need it.  My soul, mind, body and spirit need it.  This year I'm blessed to play the part of Mother Nature in a ritual and boy am I looking forward to it! 

In the world of virtual groups and meetings, I believe its imperative to break away from the machine, and get outside with your fellow sisters and brothers.  We are charged with keeping and preserving the Old Ways, infusing them and co-creating new ways to honor them in modern times.  It is not an easy task.  Many are trained in specific ways and modalities, but during Beltania we put these aside and gather as a whole to honor and pay reverence to our Earth-based, Spirit filled, Goddess and God paths.

The saying "The Goddess is alive and magick is afoot" truly presents itself at Beltania.  We can see Her presence growing and becoming more mainstream day by day.  She shows up in commercials, TV shows and in the movements toward tolerance, peace and acceptance.

We have been blessed with tolerance, peace and acceptance from the tiny town of Florence, CO where our festival is held.  What a blessing it is to have the town's support for our festival.  Truly we are moving forward as a community and fellowship.

If you've never attended an outdoor Pagan festival, I encourage you to do so.  I feel it is paramount in the growth of our paths, to gather and fellowship with your sisters and brothers of like mind.  And if you're in Colorado, consider coming on down to Beltania!

Bright Blessings to You.
Priestess Najah 

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