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Full Moon Glory!
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mayan Calender, Goddess Ixchel

"Ixchel, Ixchel".

Many years ago we landed in Cozumel, Mexico for our honeymoon.  It was bliss.  I was at once enchanted and moved by the water, the island, the people.  I snorkeled and played in the ocean from dawn until dusk.  I truly felt at home in the turquoise waters of Cozumel.

While there we spent the day at Xcaret.  A beautiful, pristine otherworldly water nature park.  While there I lost my shoes somehow, and spent the entire day and night walking barefoot.  As the foot is a prime location for sensing, my senses opened through the bottom of my feet, and my mind, heart and Spirit, became one with Xcaret and the Mayan people.

In the evening, we were blessed to attend a Mayan village ceremony.  I can still smell and see the copal burning.  We passed through the village filled with Mayan elders, shamans and villagers, all engulfed in the magick of copal smoke.  It was my first introduction to the powerful Copal.

While we were on the island we also spent time at San Gervasio, which has temple ruins to the Goddess Ixchel.  We walked through Her gate.  We walked in the silence of the ancestors.  I have never forgotten it.

Now we make our way to the Winter Solstice and to the close of the Mayan Calendar and the long count.  Goddess Ixchel is calling.  A new beginning and time await us.  A psychic shift is upon us.  Can you feel it?

I have no sense of fear or dread.  Only excitement and growing deep feeling of atunement and connection to the Goddess, in this highly magickal significant time.  For some the day will come and go without notice.  For many we will feel the power and the presence.

Here in Colorado we will attend the Mayan Millennium Ball, where we will gather with like-minded Earthkind, Shamans, Priestesses, Musicians, and revelers and honor and create ceremony for this most wonderful time.   I can hardly wait.   In my work with the Goddess Ixchel, I was led to the following prayer:
"Ixchel, Ixchel, la misión y el trabajo esperan ya; Ixchel, Ixchel, nadie puede ocultarnos tu verdad." Which means "Ixchel, Ixchel, the mission and work are waiting for us; Ixchel, Ixchel, nobody can hide your truth from us." 

Blessed Be,
Priestess Najah

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  1. Hello Najah!

    What a beautiful post about the 'hullabaloo' surrounding December 21st. I also feel like its going to be nothing fearful. December 22nd will come and many will say, 'oh look nothing happened, just like Y2K (remember that? I dont know why we humans seem to think we need something horrible to look forward to.

    I am looking forward to a shift in energies for the better. I can't pin point exactly what that is going to be, but I can't wait for it to happen, I just feel so very certain that we've needed this transition for far too long.

    Blessings to you!