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Full Moon Glory!
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Remembering Those We Love - Samhain (Your Halloween)

A dear and beloved friend passed away yesterday.  He was like a brother to us, a friend to our son, a great person, wonderful father and he is deeply missed.  I write this piece in memory of Chad Blatt.

Halloween is coming.  I can feel it the air and most everywhere I go, homes are decorated with Witches, ghosts, spider webs and monsters.  Pumpkins are for sale as well as gobs of candy.  But my heart isn't there, it's grieving over the passing of our beloved Chad.

I'm grateful that as a practicing Witch, I know the real meaning of Halloween, which we call Samhain.  It's nice to remember our ancestors and those who have gone before us.  We hold a dumb supper and set a place for our loved ones who are now on the other side.  How grateful am I to know this night is coming.  And true, as we say the veil between the Seen and Unseen is thinnest at this time allowing us to commune with our Ancestors should we choose to.  We light candles and fires for them to find their way as they come to be with us, should they choose.  We ask them not to stay, and we call them not, we simply honor them and are grateful should they choose to visit us for a while on Samhain night.
I'm glad we have this night to honor our dead.  I find our American culture is sorely lacking in Ancestor veneration and rememberance.  We bury our dead, grieve and then move on.  We're not supposed to talk about death and certainly not embrace it by setting a place for our passed on, loved ones at are table.
For years I've held a party on Halloween night, not only for Witches but for anybody who would like to come.  No mistake we party, but we also take time to remember and honor everyone who has brought a memento of their loved one.  Each year I am surprised and humbled by how many non-Witches want to attend and how many people get so filled by taking a turn a sharing about their loved ones who have passed on.
Another benefit I've received from holding my party is getting to know the ancestors of my friends.  Each year my friendship deepens with my friends, by listening to them tell their stories of their loved ones on the other side.  And isn't that what we're about, our stories, the threads of our lives?
So this year my heart is sad as I decorate my home for the Holiday, but I am also gladdened to know I will set a place for our beloved Chad, and wish him love.

 Blessed Be.

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