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Full Moon Glory!
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tituba, Salem and Me

I recently donated to the World of Witches Museum.  Its going to be located in Salem, MA and I adore Salem.

I believe I had a past life there.  The first time I visited there I walked around with a prior knowledge of places and I dreamed true there, about mass burials in a grave.  I donated to the Museum because on their Kickstarter page they said they would have an exhibit honoring Tituba.  I like the title the author Maryse Condé gave her, "Tituba, the Black Witch of Salem".

I feel Tituba and I are Spirit Kin.  I feel bonded to her, connected to her.  So little is known about her, yet we know her presence, her knowledge, craft and magick ignited the Salem Witch Trials.  I feel because of Tituba's strength and presence I can be the Witch I am today, and the Witch I hope to become.  Tituba brought me to Hoodoo.  She whispered in my ear and told me I could do it, and showed me that it was in my blood.  Tituba was married to an American Indian man, and my grandfather was a full blood Cherokee.  Tituba was a slave and so were my ancestors.  We are connected.

I hope the World of Witches Museum reaches their goal.  Our community, our world needs such a place.  If Salem touches your heart, won't you consider donating too?

End Trans 4/8/10

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